Ladies – Transform your life!

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT, may just be the very gentle way to transform your life!

Are You Carrying the Pain of a Broken Relationship?

Were you divorced or dumped? Or did you have to leave because things went south?

The emotional disruption can go on for years.

Self-analysis, replaying what happened, wondering what you did wrong, second-guessing yourself, self-doubt and self-criticism…

— or, on the other hand, anger, blaming and bitterness may never end.

These reactions can take up way too much of your life. They can totally prevent new relationships or limit the possibilities.

Or you may find yourself recreating the same relationships with different people. Do you see patterns in your relationships?

You can use EFT to get over that person in your life, NOW!

You’ll feel freer, rest easier, be more relaxed, and accept and love yourself more completely. It’s fast, it works and you’ll have personal revelations. Guaranteed.

And if you’re interested, you’ll find yourself far more open to the possibilities out there, or in your present relationship.

This stuff works, as so many have experienced.

Emotional residue builds up in any relationship, the way plaque does on your teeth.

Little resentments, ongoing annoyances, leftover anger from arguments, miscommunications and things left unsaid, disappointments, moments of frustration, “don’t go there” feelings, and so on, accumulate.

Each bit may be hardly noticeable but one thing sticks to another and it all builds up. Increasing separation is the inevitable result.

Ignoring this accumulation often leads to serious problems, requiring painful or expensive procedures like therapy and divorce.

Prevention is the best cure. Learn how to take down all this junk, leaving your relationship clean, shiny and close.

What is difficult about your life!

Think of something that feels hard about your life.
It could be

  • your next level of accomplishment
  • your relationship to someone in particular
  • a divorce, separation, marriage, death in the family
  • your physical health
  • finances
  • a project, job or task that feels overwhelming
  • something you have to learn
  • a big transition that’s coming up
  • a change at work
  • your life itself

Anything strike your attention from that list? It may seem like “That’s just the way it is.”
But what if part that is in your own mind – a series of reaction patterns that take you to a familiar place of feeling how hard it is? (Actually, where else would it be but in your own mind?)

Those patterns can be deconstructed painlessly and easily. If you’d like to know how, keep reading.
As you change those reaction patterns you naturally move from feeling stuck, down, frustrated, weak and “not smart.”
Instead you have energy, even excitement, you see new possibilities and insights. You may get a completely different sense of the whole thing.

That’s were EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help, and very quickly.

Collapse the stuff you don’t want in your life, and celebrate what you do want in your life!  EFT is a much quicker process to get you to where you want to go, than endless “talk therapy”.  Give it a try.  A beautiful life is waiting for you.

Tapping World Summit 2013

I hope that you were able to listen in on some or all of the free audio interviews with world known EFT/Tapping professionals.  If not, google Tapping World Summit 2013 and you can pick up the information there. 

Lots of different subject were covered, everything from money, relationships, fears, vision boards, personal peace proceedure, weight loss, and much more.

A hearty thank you to Jessica Ortner and all the staff that made this all possible.

We heard from the likes of Brad Yates, Carol Look, Rue Hass, Dawson Church and so many other top EFT presenters.

Gold Stars all around!

If you would like personal one-on-one coaching with the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), do connect with me.  I work via Skype, Skype with video, and phone, as well as in person sessions.

What is holding you back from your best life? 

EFT – it works, it works, it really really works!

Surrogate Tapping for Others

Tapping points generally used
Did you know that you can do surrogate tapping for other people?  Even animals?
Surrogate EFT tapping refers to doing tapping for another, through a surrogate (or proxy). 
We can tap on specific issues for other people, especially children, on their behalf.  If the situation is appropriate, we can do the tapping very gently on them (with their permission of course), or be at a distance and tap AS IF we were them. 
The tapper connects their energy and thoughts to the recipient’s issues.  Then keeping their focus on a particular issue, (high fever, fear, etc.) they change their own system by tapping on the points and this also changes the recipient’s through the connection.
1. Take a deep breath and focus on the recipient’s issue and what it is that may need to be changed (calming, peace, relief….)
2. Speak a clear statement of the issues, doing the setup phase (as if you are that person).
3. Do the EFT tapping sequence, using “I/we” in the statements.
This type of tapping is done taking on the other person’s immediate issue, and doing the basic EFT rounds to address that issue.
Child with a high fever
Baby with colic & physical distress
Child being very fearful of a dentist visit
Total strangers on the street having an arguement, being in emotional stress
Bedridden patient not able to tap for themselves, and not wanting the pain of physical touch.
The list is almost endless.


For an individual:

“Even though Rebecca is afraid of heights, I deeply and completely accept Rebecca.”

For a group:

“Even though the people of Willow Valley are fearful that the fioods will return to Willow Valley and they will be flooded out I deeply and completely accept them.”

Mother for her child:

“Even though my child (name) is terrified of dentists I deeply and completely love and accept my child (name).”

Child with fever

Child with pain and fever

I should mention that tapping on animals is another whole issue to be addressed in more detail with another post.  Horses, dogs, etc. can be tapped on directly.
If you would like assistance with this surrogate type of EFT tapping, please contact me for a session.



Blocks to success and happiness

People have huge potential. Every problem in life can be overcome when we use the power of our minds and realize our true nature.

EFT practitioners are working to bring this tool into as many people’s lives as possible.

Main blocks to success and happiness

•Anxiety or Stress
•Immaturity of Emotions
•Lack of Personal Confidence
•At work – Challenges with all levels of the workforce

•In Personal Life – Negative emotions like sadness, fear, tension and insecurities.

Learning and applying EFT to our person “issues” is a quick and effective way to overcome them.