EFT,Muscle Testing, & Psychological Reversal


Psychological Reversal

When using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or tapping as some call it, sometimes people just get “stuck” and have a hard time getting improvement on the issues they want to work on.

This is where muscle testing can be of great value.  Its a quick and easy way to jog the subconscious and help reveal where a psychological reversal’s cause may come from.  There are many sources on the topic of muscle testing in general.  It can be done with someone else, or by yourself–for yourself.

What is a psychological reversal, sometimes called a polarity reversal?  Its when you have a “road block” to clearing an issues, and just can’t seem to get past it.  Discovering what the reversal is and its cause is so very important to resolving the problem. 

An example to picture would be like putting the batteries into a radio in the wrong direction.  The radio won’t work correctly until the batteries are all going the right direction.  Those batteries have to be well charged!  So do you, meaning be very well hydrated.  Lots of water in your pipes will help all the energy flow correctly.

A few general causes can be chronic negative thoughts, being around too many electrical devices all day, some prescription medications, and chronic depression.

Another block can be what is called a Secondary Benefit.  That when you have more to gain by keeping the “problem” than letting it go and being well.  Example would be wanting to be healthy enough to walk well, but not wanting to give up a coveted “disabled” parking pass.

One needs to be very specific when you are using EFT.  Focus in on one issue at a time, rather than tackling a global issue.  Sometimes it can take some real digging to find the core issue that needs to be collapsed.  Its like peeling an onion, one layer at a time to get to the heart of the issue.

Be sure to stay on one issue at a time.  Get that one resolved before moving on to a related issue, or another “aspect” as it is called. 

Lastly, sometime there will be the complication of just not wanting to really get over or rid of a particular troubling issue.  Its rare, but can come up when EFT doesn’t seem to be effective.

Detective work is needed to clear psychological reversal, its well worth it.