Elevating your Life – reposting article by Brad Yates

What if there was a tool you could use to decrease stress, help with physical pain, stop food cravings and change limiting beliefs? The Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT or Tapping, can do this and so much more.

EFT expert and co-author of the bestselling book “Freedom at Your Fingertips,” Brad Yates, joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tamy Masetroberte, as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to talk about the topic, and even walked listeners through a 10-minute tapping exercise.

“EFT is based on acupuncture and Chinese medicine, which has been around for thousands of years,” Yates said on the call. “In Chinese medicine, they say there is a flow of energy through these pathways in the body call meridians, and when this energy is flowing naturally we experience this natural state of wellbeing in body and mind. When this energy gets stuck somehow, then we don’t feel so good.”

By tapping on the eight key points given by EFT, we are balancing out the energy and getting it flowing again so we feel good and can clear out disruptions such as sadness, anxiety, anger and pain. Research has also been done showing the tapping process dramatically reduces stress. Particularly cortisol levels are reduced, which is one of the stress hormones, said Yates.

EFT & Emotions

Using EFT to bring down stress, fear and anxiety can offer immediate relief, and by getting our emotions under control, we can make better choices in our lives, said Yates. Most choices are made at the emotional level, and when they are not being made consciously, they are unconscious and based on our emotions.

“If we have uncomfortable emotions going on, and fears like, ‘I’m afraid to have more money then my friends,’ or ‘I’m afraid if I lose weight I might be more attractive, and I’ll have to get into a relationship, and relationships are painful.’ All of this stuff goes on at an unconscious level,” Yates said. “All we know is ‘hmmm, I wanted something to eat, and I was going to have a carrot and instead I ate a box of cookies.’ We make all those choices at an emotional level, and if we can use the tapping to clear out those uncomfortable emotions that so often drive unhealthy choices and unhealthy behavior, we can live a more elevated life.”

Each of the points we tap on with EFT is actually an endpoint along different meridians in the body, and each corresponds to a different organ in the body. These organs are also associated with different emotions, Yates said.

“The great thing about tapping is we are focusing on so many different emotions and so many different points, that we don’t have to narrow in because everything is so inter-related,” he noted. “When we are tapping all the different points we are covering our bases.”

Our emotions are designed to protect us and let us know when something is going on that needs our attention – similar to a smoke detector in our home, according to Yates. Anger is like having a smoke detector. It let’s us know something is going on that we need to look into. However, many people will sit and complain that smoke alarm is going off, and wont get up to turn it off or see if there is a fire, he noted.

“It’s not a matter of, ‘quick lets tap and make sure we get rid of that bad feeling.’ It’s a matter of ‘I’m going to process this and find out.’ So when the smoke detector goes off, is it a battery that needs to be changed, or is there really a fire that needs to be put out,” he said on the call.

The tapping process is a way of getting through our emotions to see what is really going on underneath. If we are feeling sad, or reaching for the cookies, tapping can help us find out why. Maybe we are really upset about an argument with a friend that brought up an issue from the past.

“With the nervous system, when we perceive a threat, our brain function goes to the midbrain and into fight or flight. Then when we realize the danger has passed, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and our thinking returns to the frontal brain where we have creative thinking, are open minded and can think more clearly,” Yates explained. “The tapping helps to move us back into that. It moves us back into the parasympathetic nervous system and helps us make better choices, and do better things and live a better life.”

Pain & Food Cravings

One of the fastest ways to see how EFT works is to use it on pain – whether its someone dealing with fibromyalgia, back pain or a migraine. Often tapping on pain will also help our stress level, and vice versa, because the two are usually tied together.

“So much of the pain we experience has stress in it. I’ve heard people say 75 percent to 90 percent of physical pain is emotional. As we clear that out, we are clearing out the uncomfortable feelings that we have about it,” Yates said. “It’s not just the physical pain going on, but also all this physical disruption in our mind. As we clear the stress, our body naturally heals itself. So we start healing more quickly.”

It’s not abnormal for someone to tap on a physical pain, and then discover as the pain clears, so does anger about an argument with a friend, he noted. The same is true for someone who may be tapping on sadness, and then find relief from a physical pain.

Another way EFT can help is to release a person from cravings including sugar and chocolate. Yates shared a story of attending an EFT conference with founder of the technique, Gary Craig, who passed out Hershey Kisses, and asked how badly on a scale of 1 to 10 people wanted to eat it. Then led them through a round of tapping.

“I was a chocoholic at the time, so I said, about an 8,” he shared. “We tapped for a few minutes, and I had about as much interest in the chocolate as I did the foil wrapper. And I don’t think I even touched chocolate for about 2 years.”

The same tapping structure is used not matter what the issue is, and if we are in public, can even work if we are only tapping on one point. The wording we use helps to bring up the issues that may be lurking in our unconscious mind that may have an emotional charge to it.

We can even use tapping to raise our vibration and attract more good into our lives because when we feel better, we create better things for ourselves.

“If you think of a hot air balloon, it’s untethered. It just rises. An elevated life is our default position. It’s our natural state. We don’t’ have to push ourselves up into an elevated life. That is our natural tendency. It’s these ropes that tie us down – these uncomfortable feelings and old limiting beliefs that hold us back. So as we release and untie these ropes we naturally rise to a more elevate life,” Yates said.

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Dealing with Body Pain

It can be surprising for clients to learn that pain in their body can be significantly improved or even eliminated by using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or tapping as some call it.

EFT is a process of working with the body’s own energy systems to help correct “stuck” energy, i.e. like when we have been in a car accident, then are totally afraid to drive again.  EFT can clear that out.  It can also deal with specific body issues and the pains that show up.

I worked again with a client today that has had long term, on and off, pain in her upper body.  After the major emotional and physical challenges were addressed via EFT for the right side of her body, which was why she was coming to me, then the pain shifted and was manifesting differently (and with less intensity) on the left side.

Her insight was that this was “left over” issues from the past that keep showing up.  Obviously why there was now a challenge in the left side of her body.

After many rounds of tapping on both the physical and emotional aspects of the problem, she looked right at me and said “its gone!”.  She then proceeded to move her arms and shoulders, and feel her upper back, and assured me that the pain was gone.

Its always interesting to see the connection between our mind and body, and how they interact over an entire lifetime of experiences, traumas, situations, and relationships.

Since I am not in the medical profession, (and don’t even play one on TV), I always leave the analysis of what has happened to the client.  They know their bodies better than anyone else.

The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, said to “try it on everything!  Many people that use energy psychology, EFT being one form of it, are expanding the horizons of healing in all areas of our lives, be it emotional, physical, or performance.

Just try it on everything!

EFT, I might try it, but what would I work on?

This is often a first question from a new client.  They have heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techinques), or “tapping” as it is sometimes called.  They might have even heard about the great results that someone has gotten from using the technique.

People like Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson and Carol Look are all people that embrace the use of EFT for effectively dealing with our “life” issues.

So, what might be an appropriate topic to work on when seeing a certified EFT practitioner for the first time?  The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, often said to “try it on everything”.  He was willing to address any issue a person might have.  Tapping is often used for trauma, physical challenges like pain or fibromyalgia, long standing illnesses and injuries.

Performance issues like fear of public speaking, having to make business cold calls, getting or keeping a competative athletic edge, dealing with phobias, or test taking, all can be addressed with EFT.

Military veterans are now more and more helped with issues like PTSD, anxiety, migraines, stress, nightmares, etc.  I have personally seen amazing breakthroughs while working with veterans.

So, what to work on?  What are just a couple of ideas that first pop into your head that may be bothering you?  Likely that is a very good place to start.  For the best results, you want to work on specific issues, rather than global ones.  Your practitioner can guide you in narrowing down where to start.

Here is a 4 min. YouTube link to a general introduction of EFT:  www.snipurl.com/21x1uts

Trying something new to you, like EFT, can have life changing results!

EFT is a very gentle technique.  Lets talk about it.

Nine Years of Neck Pain Gone in Ten Minutes – Rob Nelson guest post

For many years I had a massage therapy practice, and every so often I still see a few of my old clients. 

“Judy” had been coming to me for about nine years.  She had been injured doing assembly work in a factory, and every few months her neck and shoulders would get so tight she’d end up with terrible headaches.  When the pain was too intense she’d come to me for massage and that would usually do the trick for about six weeks or so.

One day Judy showed up for a massage in just terrible shape.  Her neck was so stiff she couldn’t even turn her head from side to side—she had to move her whole torso.  Her pain was about a 9 out of 10.  She was in such distress I decided we should try some tapping before the massage.  I had no idea whether it would really help—she’d once told me about seeing the damage to her neck on x-rays, but I knew we should try it.

I had Judy tap on her karate chop point and repeat: “Even though I have this neck pain, I deeply and completely accept myself”.  I had her say this three times, then we went through the full basic recipe, with the 9 gamut and all, using “this neck pain” as the reminder phrase.  Her pain level dropped pretty quickly down to a 6 or 7.  That got her attention!

We followed up with “Even though I still have some of this neck pain” with the reminder phrase “this remaining neck pain”.  This dropped the pain level down to about a 4, then another round got it down to a 3.  At this point progress seemed to stall, so I asked if she thought there was an emotional contributor to the pain.  Judy didn’t blink an eye “Oh yes!” she said, “anger!”. 

So next we tapped on:
“Even though this pain has kept me from living the life I wanted to live.”
“Even though I’m angry at my supervisor for not protecting me.”
“Even though I’m angry at the company for trying to deny my disability claim”
“Even though I’m totally sick of this pain and angry it won’t get better”
“Even though I’m angry at my body”.

After a few rounds of this, her pain was down to zero. Judy was astonished! She began moving her head from side to side, cautiously at first but then swinging it all around wildly.  I found this quite alarming, but Judy was ecstatic—pain free for the first time in years. 

I had been watching the clock and in just ten minutes we’d accomplished far more than 75 minutes of intensive massage therapy.  This was one of those genuine “ten minute miracles” EFT is famous for.  They certainly don’t happen every time, or even all that often.  And expecting instant results can lead to disappointment and giving up, when sometimes persistence is vital.  But they really do happen sometimes, and it’s a wonderful experience.

I told Judy that I didn’t know if we’d solved the problem forever, but if it came back then she’d be able to tap on the pain as soon as it was noticeable, and before it got very bad. She loved the idea of being in control of the situation, after so many years of feeling victimized by the injury.

I saw Judy one last time, about four months later.  She called for a massage and I assumed her neck had started hurting again, but she said no—it was just a little tension in her lower back from doing yoga.  I think she’d almost forgotten she’d had a chronic neck problem for most of a decade.

So this is how I lost a regular massage client to EFT, but I’m not complaining!  It’s an incredible joy to see someone heal like that.  I’m so grateful to Gary Craig and all my teachers for this wonderful healing miracle.


Rob Nelson, www.tappingthematrix.com


Working with a Certified EFT Practitioner can pay off in a very big way!

Carol Smith –  Tapping Navigator Success Coach

What is EFT Tapping?

Tapping is a combination of psychology and acupressure. It stems from something called TFT, which was discovered by a psychologist who was also trained in acupressure. The psychologist’s name was Roger Callahan. Roger had been working with phobias for years and years, and he was working with this one particular client he had for ten or fifteen years. Her name was Mary, and she had a fear of water. Back then, the way to deal with psychological issues was to expose the person to whatever they had a phobia of enough times over and over again, to – hopefully – break them from their phobia. Doctor Callahan was doing that with Mary, and he was having her – this was back in the days when psychologists used to work out of their houses – so he had her at his house, getting ready to get in the shower, and he was also trained in acupressure, like I said, so he thought that to just sort of calm her anxiety, he would do some acupressure on her while she was getting into the shower. He did that, and all of a sudden, within like a minute or a minute and a half, she’s under the shower, she’s throwing water all around, she runs out of his house -and apparently they had a pool in the backyard – and she dives into the pool, and says, “Oh my gosh, my fear of water, it’s gone, it’s gone!

He just… he couldn’t believe it – this client of his had been a patient for over ten years, and she’d never had results like this. He realized that it must have been the combination of the psychology with the acupressure, and so he started to play around with it. He ended up coming up with a really complicated method to combine acupressure and cognitive psychology, and then started teaching it to people.

Then, somebody by the name of Gary Craig came along and learned this technique. He was an engineer by trade, so he found a way to simplify it and to still get the same results – but to simplify it so that it could be taught to the patients and they could do it on themselves, so he’s really responsible for bringing tapping to the point where it’s at right now… which is hundreds of thousands of people knowing about it. We hope that that number increases even more in the coming years, but anyhow, that’s just a little overview of tapping and of EFT. If you want to learn more about it there are great articles on the http://EFTUniverse.com website with lots and lots of research. Dawson Church, is responsible for getting the clinically evidential stamp on EFT, and you can read all sorts of research papers and lots of great stories on his website. If you just do a Google search for EFT, lots of other people have lots of great resources as well.

If you would like to book a private session to use tapping for any issue that is troublesome to you, connect with me now!

Ten Tips for using EFT


Ten Tips for using EFT


Basic EFT works so well, and here are 10 simple tips to incorporate.  Ways to help keep us in touch with our tapping:

1. Use opposite hand tapping, use the non-dominant hand sometimes.  Also cross over with one hand to the opposite side of the body to tap.  It helps to change the energy and gives us variety. 

2. Argument tapping with yourself. Do the usual setup phrase like “I’m afraid of success, and I deeply accept myself”. Then on the points argue with yourself – “Yes I am”, “No I’m not”, “don’t be silly”. etc.  As we stir the soup of the energy that is a good thing. “I’m not good  enough”, “Yes I am”, etc.

3. Refusal tapping – Many people say they want to change, but they are afraid of change, or they feel they have been controlled their whole lives, and they really don’t want to change. This works well in groups where people say they want to loose weight, stop smoking, etc., but still want to hang on to it. “Even though I am afraid to stand out with my success, I till deeply accept myself”, then do “I refuse to stand out”, “I refuse to shine”, “I refuse to be successful”, “I am not going to be successful and you can’t make me”, “I’m not going to try it”. Really stirs up the energy and breakthroughs often come after this.

4. Looking in the mirror – See yourself doing the tapping. Then when you are in public and don’t want to do the physical tapping, but need the help, you have the memory of how you look and the points, and can do it in your mind. When in private and looking in the mirror you can see those subtle facial expressions as you are changing and can see results on your face.

5. Singing Affirmations (while tapping) Making a change and different commitment of energy while tapping. We are attached to the music in our brains. Its just something we can do to access a little different part of our brain while tapping. (Similar to the 9-gamet method where we sing happy birthday as a part of it.)

6. Thank You Tapping – Saying Thank You to the Universe as if you have already received it. ex. “Even though I don’t have what I want, I accept myself anyway” 3x , then on tapping points: “Thank you Universe for bringing me the perfect solution to having _____”. “Thank you Universe for bringing me the perfect clients that I didn’t even know were out there”. Great for relationships, creativity, anxiety, abundance, pain etc. etc. Good to do a couple of regular rounds, then follow with the Thank you Universe for bringing me….. round.

7. Guest Tapping – Invite a guest into your mind’s eye, and have them tap along with you, i.e. Gary Craig, Carol Look, etc. whomever you respect in the industry have them lead your session, tap together. It allows the mind to be more creative.

8. Photo Tapping – Can pick photos from when you are young and maybe unhappy, photos from specific events that were negative for you, photos of people that were negative for you. Imaging yourself tapping on that person in the photo. We can even tap on the energy of what is going on in that scene.

9. Past Tense Tapping – “Even though I have this problem with speaking in public, I deeply accept myself” 3x, on points “I used to have this problem of public speaking, “I’m so glad the problem is in the past now”, “I used to have it”, “I’m so relieved its past now” “I’m so happy I got over it with EFT”. If we get a very strong resistance to this verbiage, then we need to go back and do the basic tapping on the problem to bring it down.

10. “You” Tapping – Pretend you are talking to yourself, but in the second person. “Even though you have a fear of flying John, I deeply and completely accept myself.  Even though you do not like to get on airplanes John, you are ok and I appreciate you” then rounds “you’ve had this problem around flying for a long time, you have all this fear when you know you are going to have to fly, you have the fear of turbulence and noise,…. its a way of you talking to you in a very soothing manner. So include “I”, “You”, and “He or She” for your own person.

Play with these and see which ones speak to you and incorporate the ones that help into your tapping times. Remember to tap daily to get the most benefit from your energy work!

Tapping your solutions,


Remove the Cause of Your Anxiety with EFT – Gary Craig Article

This is a great example of the information that Gary Craig, (the founder of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques), would share with the world:

Gary Craig

Remove the Cause of Your Anxiety with EFT

Anxiety can be triggered by something specific like performance or intimacy, or it can be an unexplainably uncomfortable feeling that lasts all day. Positive thinking, task management techniques and a variety of medications have all become acceptable ways to manage anxiety. However, because they don’t address the actual causes of the anxiety, their results are often temporary.

Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT has proven results in addressing the causes of anxiety and providing the possibility for permanent relief. Regardless of the situation that triggers it, the feeling of anxiety is often nothing more than a disruption in your body’s energy system. Clinical studies using EFT have shown that the cause of that disruption is most often related to an unresolved emotional issue, and that by realigning your body’s energy with respect to that issue, the anxiety can disappear.

The following case study came from the EFT email archives from a brand new EFT user.“After exercising on myself for a few weeks, today I treated a trainee who is going to take her exam as a counselor in a few weeks and who felt very anxious and self-destructive. The last time she did the exam she failed, and this was very traumatic for her. We went through the Basic Recipe a number of times and when she left, the anxiety was gone and she did not feel the stress of the coming exam any more. She enjoyed herself at the idea to prepare for the exam and looked ten years younger. It’s a pity I did not record the process on video.”

Proper EFT application would initially focus on the current physical symptoms themselves, and begin with a simple tapping procedure to start realigning the current disruption in the energy meridians. If this initial procedure provides significant relief, then learning the Basic EFT Recipe, and applying it as the anxiety appears can be very effective. The issues will present themselves in the form of anxiety, and basic applications of EFT can address them one at a time.

If the anxiety hasn’t vanished after the initial realignment, or if it reappears, then there is almost always a deeper emotional factor at work. Often with specific anxiety, the patients are aware of the events or memories that trigger the discomfort. Using EFT, the patient revisits the event(s) in question, the energy meridians are thus re-disturbed, and then the physical symptoms caused by that particular disturbance can be healed by correcting the meridians with EFT. Fortunately, each application of the EFT procedure can be done in less than a minute, so many emotional factors can be addressed in one session.

Carol Look, an EFT Practitioner with a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (carol@carollook.com) shares the following results. “This anxiety case involved a phone session with a woman who was having heart palpitations, sweaty palms, shortness of breath and overall anxiety because she was about to make a call to prospective employers. She was embarrassed to say how anxious she felt, but said she couldn’t even pick up the phone to make one of these calls. Her voice was racey and she was spiraling in her negative thoughts as we talked. ..
In a very short period of time, she felt completely better, actually anxiety free and found it hard to believe that it was the tapping… Anyway, she felt calm enough and confident enough to make the calls.”

Although applying EFT to your own anxiety can certainly be successful, cases that involve more complicated emotional issues will likely need the attention of an experienced EFT Practitioner. The impartial perspective of an EFT Practitioner can also be a valuable asset to the success of EFT.