What is difficult about your life!

Think of something that feels hard about your life.
It could be

  • your next level of accomplishment
  • your relationship to someone in particular
  • a divorce, separation, marriage, death in the family
  • your physical health
  • finances
  • a project, job or task that feels overwhelming
  • something you have to learn
  • a big transition that’s coming up
  • a change at work
  • your life itself

Anything strike your attention from that list? It may seem like “That’s just the way it is.”
But what if part that is in your own mind – a series of reaction patterns that take you to a familiar place of feeling how hard it is? (Actually, where else would it be but in your own mind?)

Those patterns can be deconstructed painlessly and easily. If you’d like to know how, keep reading.
As you change those reaction patterns you naturally move from feeling stuck, down, frustrated, weak and “not smart.”
Instead you have energy, even excitement, you see new possibilities and insights. You may get a completely different sense of the whole thing.

That’s were EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help, and very quickly.

Collapse the stuff you don’t want in your life, and celebrate what you do want in your life!  EFT is a much quicker process to get you to where you want to go, than endless “talk therapy”.  Give it a try.  A beautiful life is waiting for you.

EFT Improves Confidence! (Both physical and emotional)

Great News from Dawson Church –

Research Shows EFT Improves Confidence: A study recently published in a large peer-reviewed sports journal showed that EFT improves confidence levels in athletes. Researcher Darlene Downs gathered data from 10 female volleyball players at a university, and I wrote up the results for publication. We analyzed their levels of PTSD, as it manifested both physically and emotionally. We also measured their confidence levels, and their degree of trauma around a single adverse event. They then received a single EFT session that lasted only 20 minutes. Afterwards, their confidence levels improved, while both physical and emotional aspects of PTSD decreased. When followed up 60 days later, their improvements had held. The improvements in mental health had high statistical significance, meaning that there was only 1 possibility in 1,000 that the results were due to chance. This study confirms the results of two earlier randomized controlled trials of EFT for athletic performance, and contributes to the growing body of research demonstrating EFTs effectiveness for a wide range of psychological and physical problems.

www.eftuniverse.com for more details.

If you are ready for getting to that next level in your performance, either in business or sports, lets connect and make it happen!    Carol Smith, Cert. EFT Practitioner, www.TappingNavigator.com

Obstacles? What obstacles?


Obstacles are in your mind.
Really. What’s the difference between an obstacle and a situation?

Your reaction.  It’s amazing how much energy we can put into creating an obstacle out of a situation.
If you drop your reaction your obstacle becomes just a situation.
Blocks from past experience may just disappear, leaving your way open.
You feel lighter, freed up. You may even be enthusiastic about whatever it is.
That’s what people found when I did this in a group setting.

One man said “Knot I’ve had in my neck has totally vanished!  Its been there for as long as I can remember.”
Another, when asked how strong his reaction was to his obstacle after doing some work said “It’s totally neutralized.  I can’t find it at all!.”

Imagine saying that about (or to) your obstacles. You may find yourself doing just that during a private session using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Pick something that seems to be blocking your way forward in your life. Bring that and let’s see what happens.

Oh, and nobody needs to know what your obstacle is unless you decide to share it.  Issues can be worked on without revealing any of the details of the situation or distress.

What are you ready to get rid of so you can move into a happier and healthier YOU?

Book a session and start off loading the excess baggage.

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

Imagine you could change one thing about yourself.
What would you choose?
If you could start changing it before next week, would you? Even if you’ve
never been able to budge it before?

Decades-old memories and limiting self-beliefs lighten up and disappear on a regular basis.  Bring out the thing you would like to change.

Then learn and use very possibly the most powerful personal change method in existence.

That’s a big claim, I know, but I go by results.

Are you up for a better life? If Yes, great. See you in an affordable private coaching session.

If not, bring your reason why not and we’ll see what that’s about 😉

My clients are getting very positive and lasting results via coaching sessions using EFT,

Emotional Freedom Techniques (better known as tapping).

All sorts of changes are possible, emotional, performance, issues of body challenges and even phobias.

Check out a confidential EFT session for yourself.  I work from my virtual office via Skype,

Skype with video, or phone sessions.

Are you ready for that positive change in your life right now?

Your life is yours alone.
Only you make the decisions.
But are you making them based on programming?
Or on the basis of what will most support your highest well-being?
Programming is driven by an emotional charge.
This is how most people live their lives.
Reduce the charge and more choices open up.
That’s what we do in these sessions.


Be awesome, because you are!


(Thanks to D. Sweney for his perspective on this and all that it offers us!)

What can EFT/tapping do for me?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a gentle and effective way to clear emotional blocks by tapping on meridians, or energy channels in the body, while bringing up a specific emotional stressor.

It can dramatically relieve emotional disturbances along with many physical symptoms. In short EFT helps to reduce stress in the body.

The EFT tapping techniques are a series of astoundingly fast and easy processes that can help just about anyone to achieve genuine freedom from the emotions that have created problems in their lives. These techniques have been described by some as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of psychology in this century. They have been used successfully with thousands of people with a broad range of difficulties.

By using EFT with my clients results are accelerated because the thoughts and emotions blocking change are more rapidly cleared. It is very important to address the whole person, not just the body and not just the mind, when life change is desired. Great health  is achieved when we holistically honor our needs and support our whole being.

What are some ways EFT can help you along your health journey?

-help release resistance and/or fear that you have around working out

-help release resistance and/or fears that you have around working out in front of other people

-help improve flexibility and range of motion at the joints

-releasing stress can help improve exercise performance

-greatly reduce or even eliminate unhealthy food cravings

-help you to release blocks around weight loss

-improve your focus

-help you move forward in areas of your life where you have been stuck

-help reduce that “overwhelming” feeling

-improve sleep patterns

-reduce your overall stress levels

-help you to more easily deal with the stressors in your life

-help to increase inner strength and confidence

See the following website for more information and research on EFT:


Check out this link to an introductory video on EFT:


When you are ready to work with a Certified EFT Practitioner, just connect with me via my website, or email me at carol@tappingnavigator.com

EFT, I might try it, but what would I work on?

This is often a first question from a new client.  They have heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techinques), or “tapping” as it is sometimes called.  They might have even heard about the great results that someone has gotten from using the technique.

People like Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson and Carol Look are all people that embrace the use of EFT for effectively dealing with our “life” issues.

So, what might be an appropriate topic to work on when seeing a certified EFT practitioner for the first time?  The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, often said to “try it on everything”.  He was willing to address any issue a person might have.  Tapping is often used for trauma, physical challenges like pain or fibromyalgia, long standing illnesses and injuries.

Performance issues like fear of public speaking, having to make business cold calls, getting or keeping a competative athletic edge, dealing with phobias, or test taking, all can be addressed with EFT.

Military veterans are now more and more helped with issues like PTSD, anxiety, migraines, stress, nightmares, etc.  I have personally seen amazing breakthroughs while working with veterans.

So, what to work on?  What are just a couple of ideas that first pop into your head that may be bothering you?  Likely that is a very good place to start.  For the best results, you want to work on specific issues, rather than global ones.  Your practitioner can guide you in narrowing down where to start.

Here is a 4 min. YouTube link to a general introduction of EFT:  www.snipurl.com/21x1uts

Trying something new to you, like EFT, can have life changing results!

EFT is a very gentle technique.  Lets talk about it.

Thurs. 2/21, short call with a free tool to help your business, 7 PM PST

My f r e e conference call on Feb. 21st, Thurs., 7 PM, PST, is fast approaching to introduct EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to network marketers and direct sellers. It is an incredible tool to use to get to that next level in your business and/or personal life.

What a great way to help you build your business and shine in your personal life as you apply this simple tool to your life.

It uses the body’s own energy systems to clear what is holding you back from a more successful business and/or a super-charged social and personal life.

Join us on this complimentary call if you are a solopreneur, direct seller, network marketer, or entrepreneur.

The call will be a short thirty minutes or so, with a great special offer at the end!

Let you networking business friend know about it as well.  Who in your upline, downline, or crossline could use a free tool to help their business?

The call particulars: dial in number 1-209-255-1000

Participant Access Code:   840348#

Be sure to mute yourself with a *6 (star 6) if you call in via Skype, as that can bring a lot of static with it.

You will ideally want to be in a quiet space and uninterrupted for this brief introduction to EFT/tapping and what it has to offer you.

Emotional Freedom Techniques shown effective for PTSD

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases has recently published an article titled:

Psychological Trauma Symptom Improvement in Veterans Using Emotional Freedom Techniques: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Since I am one of the coaches in the on-going research trial, I’m very excited to share the news in the abstract below.  The results I continue to see with the veterans that I work with are breath taking.  What a wonderful, simple, and life-changing tool EFT is!


This study examined the effect of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a brief exposure therapy combining cognitive and somatic elements, on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and psychological distress symptoms in veterans receiving mental health services. Veterans meeting the clinical criteria for PTSD were randomized to EFT (n = 30) or standard of care wait list (SOC/WL; n = 29). The EFT intervention consisted of 6-hour–long EFT coaching sessions concurrent with standard care. The SOC/WL and EFT groups were compared before and after the intervention (at 1 month for the SOC/WL group and after six sessions for the EFT group). The EFT subjects had significantly reduced psychological distress (p < 0.0012) and PTSD symptom levels (p < 0.0001) after the test. In addition, 90% of the EFT group no longer met PTSD clinical criteria, compared with 4% in the SOC/WL group. After the wait period, the SOC/WL subjects received EFT. In a within-subjects longitudinal analysis, 60% no longer met the PTSD clinical criteria after three sessions. This increased to 86% after six sessions for the 49 subjects who ultimately received EFT and remained at 86% at 3 months and at 80% at 6 months. The results are consistent with that of other published reports showing EFT’s efficacy in treating PTSD and comorbid symptoms and its long-term effects.


Emotional Freedom – guest blog Sara Maude

Enjoy this guest blog by Sara, on EFT.

“Having spent the weekend helping out on the emotional freedom technique training with Karl Dawson, emotional freedom technique master trainer and founder of Matrix re-imprinting, I was once again reminded of the sheer power the emotional freedom technique (EFT) has to create change in the mind and body.

I watched with a heart felt glow as students on the course learnt how this incredibly simple technique is used to tap into subconscious events that lay ‘unprocessed’ in the mind, which create adverse effects on peoples lives and then use EFT to tap away and process the events in a matter of minutes.

One student had witnessed his sister being hit by a car when he was only 10 years old.  Not only had he held onto this trauma in his subconscious mind, he had also spent his life blaming himself for what happened.  This had led him to create a belief that he didn’t deserve to be happy.  Imagine the effect of carrying around the enormity of emotions like guilt, helplessness and blame for over 30 years?  Not only that, but to develop these feelings at the tender age of 10?  The weight of these emotions had laid  heavily on his chest creating a feeling of tightness, only to be layered with the emotions of all the other events he had experienced through his life.

When we experience something which causes us to feel anything from blame, guilt, helplessness, anger, sadness, shame and so on we store these memories in our subconscious mind and unless we process them, they will keep triggering throughout our lives.  In our early days of growing up, we form our core beliefs by making subconscious decisions about ourselves and the world.  These decisions are formed in a split second and then a like a computer that runs the software which is installed within it, these beliefs run our day to day lives.  A child being shouted at by a parent and told they were stupid,  will for example, form the belief that they are stupid and then spend the rest of their life not only subconsciously looking for evidence that they are stupid, but also by attracting and creating situations to run that belief over and over again.  Have you ever wondered by you keep attracting the same situations or people to you?

change your life

In the case of the student, we started to tap into the feeling of tightness in his chest which quickly led us to the memory of the car accident involving his sister.  By continuing to use EFT we not only processed the memory in his brain but also processed all the emotion attached to it so that he came to a place of resolution.  We did this in less than one hour.  He released all the blame and feelings of being helpless together with all the old beliefs he had formed in that moment about himself and for the first time in his life he felt a lightness in chest he had never felt before, so much so it felt alien to him.

This is just one story among the thousands of others of how EFT is being used to change peoples lives.  The conscious part of you isn’t going to change the mainframe which is controlling around 98% of your day.  Take a moment and consider who has written on your walls as you grew up.  Teachers? Parents? Siblings? Grandparents? School bullies?  You may be over 40 years old now, yet are still that 6 year old child trapped in a memory in which you had upset Mummy one day on the way to school and which caused you, in a spit second, to form a subconscious decision that you aren’t lovable.  Now at the age of 42 you still find yourself single and wonder why you can’t seem to remain in a relationship for long…….

EFT slices through memories, feelings and beliefs in a way that no other therapy can.  Not only does it deliver fast and life changing results, but it can also be taught to clients so that they are empowered to be part of their own healing journey.

EFT head

As Gary Craig, founder of EFT said ‘try it on everything!’.  Take a moment to think about what area of your life isn’t working as well as you would like.  It may be relationships, or lack of them; money (usually lack of it!); work; family (or unable to get pregnant) your body image or eating habits or even your health.  What would life be like if you could change those parts of your life that aren’t working, so that they do work?  How would life so different for you?  How would it feel if those parts of your life ‘magically’ started working better?

You can be one of the millions of people who are waking up to this incredible technique and using it to resolve almost any health problem, negative thought pattern, emotional issue or destructive behaviour or addiction.”

Sara Maude – http://saramaudehypnotherapy.com

Who Is The Problem Person In Your Present or Past?

If you are willing, and up for a challenge …
Think of someone you have unpleasant reactions to when you think of them.

How would you like to eliminate that negative reaction?

You do know that you actually do think of them, probably often, whether you intend to or not, right?

As long as there’s an emotional charge on them they will reappear in your thoughts and feelings. 

So changing that reaction would be a nice change, and definitely possible!  Maybe more than nice.

And you can. Easily and quickly. I know you may have reservations, but keep reading.

Your reaction might become just neutral. Then you probably really won’t think of them.

That would be perfect for the dreaded ex(whatever). The one where you think “What was I thinking?”

If you’re still connected to the person and want to be, your connection can be better, unburdened by past impressions.

Their positive qualities become much more visible as the ones you don’t like fade from view.

That person could be a parent, child, sibling or other family member.
It could be a past partner, spouse, boss or any other person.
If you want to disconnect, this will make it easier and less confusing.

Maybe you’re getting divorced, or breaking up, and it’s hard.
Maybe you can’t get over someone.

Maybe you’re heartbroken or stuck. Or full of a lot of unfinished business.

Or maybe you don’t know how you feel but you are certainly feeling something. 
It could even be a current partner or spouse. You may really love them.
But frustrations or disappointments build up. These interfere with your connection.
If the person you’re thinking of brings up in you a disturbed or upset feeling…,
   … if you want to pull back or close down when you think of them …
   … or if any sort of unwelcome or painful feeling comes up…
   … that’s what you can let go of. Really.
Imagine thinking of them and it’s OK.

Who comes to mind for you now?

You may feel simply neutral, or you may have peace and release of your energy and feelings, or your positive feelings may be stronger. 

This is just the type of thing that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or tapping as some call it, can help.  Working with a Certified Practitioner will get you the quickest possible results.  This can be done in a group EFT session, or more quickly in private sessions.

We never need to hear the details of issues to clear them.

Are you worth it?  Wouldn’t this be a great gift to give yourself?

Lets connect and see what would work for you.