Bitcoin, Tesla and EFT? – guest article by Rob Nelson

I love my electric car, and it’s not even a Tesla.  We just plug it in at night. No gas stations for us!  There’s almost zero maintenance since it’s so much simpler than a gas car.  And it’s WAY more fun to drive.  Even on “eco-mode” the acceleration beats any ICE car off the line. Our Nissan Leaf is a freaking race car disguised as a 4 door hatchback.

Best of all though, electric cars are a “disruptive technology.”  Along with the solar, wind and new advancements in battery storage, they’re undermining the dirty fossil fuel industry that has had a literal death grip on global politics and industry.

Prices have dropped so low and so quickly, we may be able to leave enough oil, coal and gas in the ground that we might actually make it!  Bad news if you’re Exxon Mobile.  Great news for the rest of the planet.

Many inventions might be called a “breakthrough technology” without disrupting any existing entrenched power structures.  Flush toilets for example, had an incredible impact on society but weren’t up against the powerful chamber pot industry.

EFT is definitely a breakthrough technology, no question about that.  It’s easily learned and can reliably produce healing miracles. EFT liberates human potential by empowering radical improvements in one’s personal experience of life.

But is EFT a “disruptive technology”?  And if so, who or what is being disrupted?  Just off the top of my head, I can think of at least four powerful socio-economic power structures potentially threatened by EFT:

Big Pharma The management of emotional problems through medication has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Oddly enough, there seem to be at least as many depressed and/or stressed out people as ever. Worse still, properly prescribed medications have become one of the leading causes of death in developed nations.EFT has the potential to drastically change how society deals with stress, anxiety and depression by actually resolving it rather than just treating symptoms. And of course a host of diseases and conditions have been healed or at least improved by tapping.

Advertising Most advertising works by provoking, expanding and exploiting our insecurities, low self-esteem, and fear of missing out. In a nutshell, we must compensate for our inadequacies by purchasing the product on offer. Problem solved. EFT repairs damage to our self-concept, making us less susceptible to this sort of scam. We don’t need to buy stuff anymore to try and be okay if we already feel pretty good.

The Weight Loss Industry Estimated at $60+ billion dollars, you might say that the weight-loss industry itself is obese. Its steady growth over the decades has somehow paralleled the increasing percentage of overweight people. Clearly whatever’s being peddled doesn’t work very well. EFT does work. It has the potential to drastically reduce emotional overeating along with the shame-based obsession with dieting that plagues so many people.

Traditional Psychotherapy Many therapists have embraced and adopted EFT, but the vast majority have not. Consider how galling EFT might seem – a relatively brief and inexpensive training can empower EFT practitioners with no formal counseling or psychology background to be astonishingly effective, outperforming even experienced talk therapists who likely invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in their degrees and licensure.  It’s no fun being disrupted! But considering the epidemic levels of stress and trauma in our society, it can’t happen quickly enough for me.

Rapid adoption is what makes a new technology truly ‘disruptive’.  So many people jump on the bandwagon so quickly that it just steamrollers the existing industry.  It took only ten years for cell phones to reach 100% adoption rates in the US and Europe.  Ten more years to take over the world.

For the most part “disruptive technologies” are liberating.  They unleash creativity and expression, economic opportunity and human potential.  In part because the corporate and political power structures being disrupted have consolidated control by stifling competition and innovation.

Of course the most obvious modern example is the Internet which simply eliminated the ‘gate keepers’ controlling information and finance.  Media networks, publishing houses, magazine and newspaper editors, universities and ‘think tanks’ have all lost their monopoly.  We can do our own research with a few clicks and there are hundreds of thousands of independent teachers, journalists and ‘thought leaders’ sharing their work on open channels.

Entrepreneurs are empowered to start businesses or plug into online retail systems like Ebay or Amazon.  Almost anyone can sell almost anything to just about anyone.  Your little website can compete with Walmart.

In a parallel development “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin and Ethereum are beginning to undermine the dangerous power of central banks. They may provide an alternative to the boom and bust cycles of fiat currency, hyperinflation and seemingly inevitable global economic meltdowns.

Of course not all disruptive technologies are beneficial. Gunpowder for example! And some, like GMOs may actually disrupt the delicate balance of nature. Not to mention the traditional economics of indigenous farming. Not good!

EFT & Bitcoin

To be honest, some emerging disruptive technologies really freak me out. I can’t seem to get my head around ‘autonomous vehicles’ for example. And 3D printing and robotics seem likely to put everyone out of a job. Throw Artificial Intelligence into the mix and things could get really scary really fast. Seriously! Do we have the wisdom, as a species, to handle this stuff?

That’s where EFT comes into the picture. All of the other ‘disruptive technologies’ are aimed at changing our external circumstances. EFT changes our internal environment, releasing the hold of the past, discharging stuck emotions, and replacing negative limiting beliefs.By removing our triggers, EFT empowers us to live more in the moment, to have agency, to be responsive instead of reactive. In my own practice I see a universal increase in compassion for others. And isn’t this precisely what humanity needs? ASAP?

The rate of adoption for EFT is still too low to pose any real economic threat to the four power structures mentioned above.  We’re still flying under the radar, so to speak.  And perhaps that’s for the best for now.  Aside from the organized scrubbing of positive Wikipedia edits, something that EFT shares with most other ‘alternative’ healing modalities, there’s been very little active suppression or sabotage so far.

My hope is that we’re rapidly approaching a kind of critical mass in awareness and adoption of EFT will accelerate across the globe, too fast for any real resistance – the way were seeing it go with solar energy and electric cars.  I’m fairly sure this is already underway with EFT and will only continue.  And that’s because it works!

Perhaps we’ll actually survive as a species!  We’ll develop the necessary emotional health just in time to handle these other powerful emerging technologies.  To quote H.G. Wells “History is a race between education and catastrophe.”  Feeling anxious about that race?  Maybe we’d better tap on that!

copyright 2017 Rob Nelson

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Are you your own worst enemy? Article by Drew Ryder


 Are you your own worst enemy?

People talk to themselves every single day.  This self-talk can benefit you or it can destroy you.  Do you beat your- self up on a regular with your negative self-talk? Then you could be your own worst enemy.

Whatever YOU say about YOU is registered by your deeper mind (sub-conscious) and your deeper mind is responsible for the way you feel.  It’s impossible to have negative beliefs about the self and to feel confident.  The way you feel affects your whole body and is seen by others as the way you look, the way you stand and the way you speak.

If you have been continually beating your-self up with constant negative self-talk, then it is most likely that you have low self-esteem and a low self-worth and a distinct lack of confidence.   Where does this stem from?

Every single person with low self- esteem has been criticised by others.  This usually begins with family members, and is carried on via friends, work colleagues, and partners, because the victim has believed what was said about them, and as a result has drawn the same criticising people into their lives.   Ultimately the victim ends up carrying on this pattern themselves simply because the pattern of criticism has become familiar.

Criticism destroys confidence.  Persistent negative self-talk has to be overcome before self- esteem can be improved.   How?

Just as negative talk can destroy a person, constructive talk builds a person back up again.  EFT is an extremely constructive tool in enabling a person to recognise that they do indeed have value and are worthy.  It can help build self-confidence.

It does this by working with your sub-conscious mind to reverse the limiting beliefs that you have held onto, that have been imposed upon you by others.

By working with EFT you can recover and build upon the self-esteem you were born with.  It’s still inside you, even if it has been supressed.  You can re-contact with the self-esteem you were born with by means of the right tools.  EFT provides these tools.  No-one is born with negative self-esteem.

To conclude,

  • EFT can remove old patterns and re-establish new ones
  • It is a method of healing
  • EFT is a way of actively training your mind and nervous system to adopt a different attitude to your problem and therefore overcome it
  • It is easy to use
  • And a highly effective treatment

If you have concerns about your self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Live your best life!! You deserve it!


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EFT for the Cold and Flu Season – guest article by Rob Nelson

EFT for the Cold and Flu Season

Catching a cold really sucks and getting the flu is a total nightmare.  Can EFT be effective against these maladies?   Preventing them or chasing them off once we’re “coming down with a bug”?
The short answer is YES!

EFT is truly awesome… but before we tap, let’s start with an ounce of prevention (and by the way, nothing in this article is intended as medical advice).

First the good news: Cold and flu germs really have only two portals into your body – nose and mouth.  Our own hands are most likely delivery system.  So hand washing, especially when we’ve been out in public, is such a great idea.  We don’t we need to get all OCD about it, but germs really hate warm soapy water.

Of course sometimes sick people cough or sneeze and all their nasty germs go airborne.  What then?  Are we doomed?  Time to bust out the old hazmat suit?  Nope.  It actually takes three days or so for germs to get a foothold and build enough momentum to make you sick.

And three days is plenty of time to wipe ‘em out.  Literally.  All you really need is warm salt water – a neti-pot for the sinuses and gargling and mouth wash for the throat.  Of course drinking hot tea (especially sans milk and sugar) helps flush these unwelcome guests down to the germ destroying inferno that is your stomach.  Making this a regular habit just might do the trick.

Or not.  There are other “sick factors” that can play a major role.  Here’s how EFT can help neutralize what I call these S-Factors.

From Halloween treats to Christmas candy and pumpkin pie, sugar seems to be an integral part of our cold weather celebrations.  Aside from the whole weight gain issue, sugar intake may temporarily suppress our immune system, making us way more susceptible to whatever germs are going around.

This is an area where EFT really shines.  As irresistible as sweets may be, simple tapping can dramatically curb our cravings – often to the point where we simply don’t want them anymore.  No will power required.  Even very basic tapping can be surprisingly effective:

“Even though I have this craving for that candy cane/coffee cake/chocolate Santa/lemon meringue pie, I deeply love and completely accept myself”

Here’s a quote I like: ‘The way to prevent illness is to inhabit our body’.  Not sure who said that, but it seems spot on to me.

All of us have our ups and downs, right?  But sometimes we really sink low and get a little stuck there.  The feeling can be “get me out of here!”  If we’re checking out of our body on an energetic level, it seems to make room for other life forms to move in – viruses are rather opportunistic.  I know this one from personal experience.

And of course EFT can help with the blues – it’s especially helpful to have a tapping buddy, or work with a practitioner.  But even just tapping alone on feeling glum can really shift things.

“Even though I have this sadness, even though I’m feeling lonely today, I deeply love and completely accept myself….”
My favorite trick here is to use a timer.  Just set it for 5 or 10 minutes and keep tapping until it dings!

Do you get stressed out by the holidays?  It really seems expected these days.  Maybe in some twisted way it’s how we show our love?  Family gatherings can certainly feel like a mine field of dangerous unresolved tensions.  Or on the flip side, a lack of family and friends can bring on intense loneliness.

And then there’s Christmas shopping.  It can be fun!  At least theoretically.  But not if the stakes are high.  Not if we’re agonizing over getting just the right gift for everyone with a perfectionistic dread of getting it wrong.

A sense of obligation and pressure, not to mention actual fatigue, can drain all the joy out of shopping, preparing a feast, doing the Christmas tree, you name it.  For some of us financial anxiety gets thrown into the mix – we’re going to start off the New Year with a whopping credit card bill.  Yikes.

Stress is definitely NOT good for our health.  Stress is kissing-cousins with Fight or Flight.  If we’re running from a tiger a lot of our systems get shut down – energy re-allocated to our arms and legs.  So our immune system becomes compromised and it’s much easier to get sick.  Which of course is another potential source of stress, and so it goes.

You might find it rather easy to make a list of your biggest stressors.  The stuff that’s really up right now.  Simply tapping on these list items is usually enough to get real relief.  No need to worry about figuring out solutions to our problems.  Solutions tend to just show up as we tap our way out of fight or flight – it can really seem magical.

“Even though there’s too much to do and all I really want is to curl up with a good book on the sofa, but everyone expects me to come through with the best Thanksgiving dinner ever and it’s going to be a mob scene at the store and I’m really not looking forward to hearing Uncle Jim’s political opinions again and I’m just so sick of it all, I forgive myself for that – and I choose to love and accept myself….”

Already coming down with a cold or flu?  Time to tap on your symptoms – and it’s best to tap on each one separately.  Headache, fever, chills, sore throat, stuffy sinuses, stomach pain, achy muscles, diarrhea – whatever you got, tap on it!

Start with your worst symptom.  On a zero to ten scale, rate the intensity of that specific symptom and use rounds of tapping to try to get it down to zero.  Then on to the next one.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check in on fear – one of the sneakiest symptoms.  It comes in all flavors – fear of getting sick in the first place, or fear we’ll get worse, that we’ll never get better, that we’re going to miss out, or we’ll let someone down, people will resent us, we’re going to die….   This is really unhelpful stuff so let’s tap it away:

“Even though I ache all over and I’m so scared that I’m coming down with the flu and I’ll be in bed for a week, and I’ll miss too much work and I’ll probably lose my job and end up living on the street and it’s so cold out I’ll die of exposure and by the time I’m well enough to go shopping all the stores will be cleaned out and I won’t have good presents for anyone, I forgive myself for anything I might have done to bring this about – all that chocolate cake I ate Saturday night, letting myself get chilled on that walk in the park, I still choose to deeply love and completely accept myself…”

When it comes to tapping on fear, go for the jugular!

In Conclusion
I hope that you sail through the so-called “Cold and Flu Season” in vibrant health.  Getting sick is NOT inevitable.  Dust off that neti-pot, develop a mild compulsion with the hand washing and enjoy some good, creative tapping here and there – you’ve got it covered.

Copyright Rob Nelson 2015

A quick trick on relief when you can’t tap – from Sherry Smith

I want to teach you a simple “trick” for the times when you cannot tap, but you need to tap now!I learned this years ago from Dawson. I use it when I’m in a hurry, and bothered, but when I can’t stop and tap right now.

Drop your tongue, relaxed, on the floor of your mouth. Cross your hands over your heart, and take a few slow deep breaths. 5 seconds in, hold for 2 seconds, 5 seconds out. Do this while feeling where your angst is physically and focus on whatever the problem is.

A nice long red light is ample time to just allow whatever the feelings and emotions are to float off.

Now, teach yourself, and it takes a bit of mindfulness to do this – keep your tongue relaxed as much as possible on the floor of your mouth.

That relaxed tongue engages the parasympathetic nervous system and tells your body that there is nothing wrong no matter what you are feeling at the moment. You might be bugged, but you are NOT in any physical danger.

If anyone tries this, let me know what you think of this short-cut. It doesn’t replace your daily tapping, but it can help to get you out of an immediate problem with a quick fix.


Thank you Sherry for posting this on FB!

The Strangest Secret for a Happy New Year – guest post by Rob Nelson

The Strangest Secret for a Happy New Year

I woke up this morning thinking about Earl Nightingale’s famous recording from 1956 The Strangest Secret in the World.  I encountered this years ago and it was a game changer for me years ago.

I hadn’t really planned on sending out a newsletter today, but somehow I got this message so I’m here to share it with you.  If you’ve never heard Mr. Nightingale’s talk, it’s pretty inspiring.  And even if you have, I always get all fired up every time I hear it again.

I do apologize for the somewhat sexist language. Hey, it’s 1956.  Here’s a link to a YouTube recording (just the sound recording with one photo).   (31 min.)


Rob Nelson –

Letting Go of Cravings for Cinnamon Rolls and Red Bull

Article courtesy of Rob Nelson:

Letting Go of Cravings for Cinnamon Rolls and Red Bull

“Jane” was worried about her weight.  For eight years she’d had a surgical lap-band which kept her weight low.  Then in February it slipped and had to be removed.  By our session in November she’d gained back 90 pounds and was still gaining.

Jane has a high stress job and had gotten in the habit of bingeing in the morning on a big cinnamon roll from a local donut shop and a large can of Red Bull.  This would get her up and running for her work day, sort of like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

Jane had tried stopping a number of times to no avail.  Whenever things got stressful at work she’d relapse – usually after a few days or a week or so.

We met via Skype at 9am and I’d asked Jane to hold off on her morning binge so that the cravings would be high.  And boy were they ever!

We began with the cinnamon roll and Jane rated the intensity of her craving at a 9.5 out of 10.  Along with the cravings she reported feelings of embarrassment and shame.  Especially imagining her co-workers saw her eating the cinnamon roll.  Jane was careful to keep her habit hidden from the world.

In the first round of tapping I brought in every aspect I could think of about how wonderful that cinnamon roll was – the taste, the sugary frosting, the feeling of taking a big bite, how it was such a reliable ‘friend’, how she could always count on it making her feel better, the wonderful smell, etc.

To my surprise and Jane’s dismay, this first round of tapping actually made the cravings stronger!  Her acute awareness of all the aspects of the cinnamon roll made the craving almost unbearably intense.

For the next round I kept the wording simple – mostly just tapping on “this craving” and very quickly I could see a look of disgust on Jane’s face and stopped to check in.  She was astonished that her craving seemed be at a zero!

Wanting to test these results I had Jane pick up the cinnamon roll and smell it, which actually brought the craving back up to about a 3.  A quick round of tapping on the smell brought her back to zero.

My next test was to have her taste the roll.  I thought this might spike the craving again, but she actually had to spit it out – her cinnamon roll now tasted really disgusting.  She went from a 10 to a “yuck!”

All of this took about ten minutes or so and Jane said it actually scared her.  The change was so rapid and so complete she worried that it was too easy and therefore wouldn’t last.  This is not an uncommon fear when big changes happen faster than our minds can account for.
So we did a round of tapping on the fear that it wouldn’t last, that this was just some kind of trick and she’d be right back to bingeing, more hopeless than ever.  And the fear seemed to melt away pretty quickly.

Next we tackled the Red Bull.  Jane opened the can so she could smell it and her craving was a solid 9.  Once again the initial tapping actually increased her craving while the next round dropped it to zero.  Smelling and tasting the drink did not bring any craving back at all.  “It’s just a can full of chemicals and I don’t want it”.

I know from personal experience that caffeine headaches are no fun at all.  Jane had the beginnings of one by now – a 3 out of 10 intensity.  She was about three hours late on her Red Bull schedule, so we tapped on the headache discomfort and the fear of it getting worse.  It only took a few minutes to get to a zero.

Tapping away cravings can be really amazing and this was pretty spectacular, but there’s always an underlying reason for the craving and if that isn’t addressed, we’ll usually just turn to a new substance and be right back where we started.

With over half the session time left, I asked Jane about the shame she’d mentioned when imagining her co-workers seeing her eat that cinnamon roll.  I had her exaggerate that scene with all the pity and contempt they’d no doubt express about her lack of self-control.  It didn’t take much to get her intensity up to a 9!

Tapping on feelings of shame dropped the intensity to a 5 and also brought more clarity. The feelings were centered in her stomach and chest – a palpable terror of negative judgment.  And like a homing beacon, this led us to a specific memory…

When Jane was about 5 years old she was visiting her grandparents.  They took her to church where she was taught lines from the Bible and later asked to recite these lines up in front of a lot of people, including the minister and her grandparents.

Unfortunately, Jane froze and couldn’t remember the lines at all.  She felt intense disappointment coming from her grandparents – she was setting a bad example for her younger siblings and embarrassing her family.  The experience was excruciating for the 5 year old Jane and she decided that she wasn’t good enough and didn’t have what it takes.

Using Matrix Reimprinting we were able to tap away that 5 year old’s distress and help her feel compassion for herself.  We also worked a bit with her grandparents so that they could be supportive instead of discouraging and came up with a much better picture to reimprint.

The take-away was the little girl felt loved and that making mistakes wasn’t such a big deal.  She’d be accepted no matter what.

I don’t know if it come through in words, but there was a direct connection between this memory and the intense pressure Jane had been feeling at work.  Her job really is inherently stressful, but this old fear of being a disappointment was making it all so much worse.

This was a major reason Jane was bingeing on sugar and caffeine in the morning – to jolt herself awake and super-charge the hyper-vigilance intended to keep her safe.  Resolving this one memory seemed to bring her a great deal of peace.

About a week later I emailed Jane to see if the cravings were still gone.  Her response: “100% success. A true miracle in my eyes”.

Not every session is so easy and productive.  Sometimes quite a few memories need to change before a tipping point is reached, but I wanted to share this one because it really is possible to achieve massive change in 90 minutes!


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Serious Weight Loss with EFT – Guest Post from Rob Nelson

Many people say they want to lose weight, but for some of my clients it’s a desperate need.  These folks are quite heavy, weighing in at 300 pounds or more.  Unable to make any lasting reduction, and faced with dire health consequences, they turn to EFT, often with great skepticism and a sense of hopelessness.

Imagine their surprise at feeling real relief in the very first session!

Over time I’ve developed something of a protocol for serious weight loss, and I’d like to share it here, in the hopes that it might be helpful.  This can be easily adapted for tapping on oneself, though working with an experienced practitioner, at least to begin the process, is very helpful.

My first step is simply asking how the client feels about working with me on the issue.  It’s surprising how much intensity there can be, before we even get started! Shame, embarrassment, and hopelessness are common, often at an 8 or 9 on our ten-point scale.  It’s essential to tap away this intensity, even if you’re working on your own.  Here’s an example:

“Even though this tapping isn’t going to work, because nothing has ever worked, and I feel bad about spending money (time) on this session, and I shouldn’t even have this problem in the first place, I just need to control my eating, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why can’t I just stop? …but I deeply and completely accept myself, and I forgive myself for having this weight problem… as best I can”

The next step is to focus on how the client feels about being overweight.  Often there will be a number of feelings here, all tied together.  It’s most helpful to tease them apart and work on one at a time.  The really big ones are often anger (possibly directed against their own body), sadness, fear, and despair.

I find it very useful to ask “where do you feel this in your body?” for each emotion that comes up.  I often include that sensation in the set up and reminder phrasing: “Even though I have this dull twisting despair in my stomach… I deeply and completely accept myself.”

My third step is to reframe the whole weight issue.  I find that most weight loss clients are locked in an adversarial struggle with their body, or subconscious mind.  They see their body as the enemy, out to sabotage all of their efforts to become healthier.

I point out that the intention behind overeating is actually positive.  It’s a desire to comfort, to nurture, to block out stress and anxiety.  And yes, it may feel like a death wish to the conscious mind, but the motivation to eat a whole box of doughnuts is essentially the same as the motivation to slim down.  It’s all about self-care.

It’s important to stop fighting ourselves.  Rather, we really need to reach that younger, more primitive “self” —the one who wants to make it all better with ice cream.  We have to find the specific memories that contribute to his/her chronic anxiety.  This is what drives the emotional overeating.

These specific memories are the “legs” holding up the weight loss “table top”, and tapping on them is the fourth step.  It may seem overwhelming at this point —there may be hundreds of these memories.  But because there is usually a strong theme that connects them (rejection, or lack of affection or sweetness growing up, or being preyed upon, for example) collapsing just a few will often discharge the rest.

If you are working with a practitioner, it might take several sessions to clear enough of these memories.  So if you are doing the work on your own, give yourself plenty of dedicated time.  Please don’t give up after five or ten minutes!

My fifth step is to take a hard look at the possible benefits of keeping the weight on —or any drawbacks to losing it.  There are many common ones, including:

I can’t handle being attractive, I don’t want the attention

People will expect more of me and I can’t handle that.

My overweight friends (family) will all hate me

I’ll have to buy all new clothes

I won’t be invisible anymore

I won’t know who I am, etc.

We call these kinds of beliefs “secondary gains” and they are what drive self-sabotage.  The really need to be tapped on!  Sometimes it’s enough to just tap on the belief directly: “Even though my friends will hate me if I lose weight… I deeply and completely accept myself”.  Other times it may be important to find where the belief began and tap on a specific memory.

Finally, I show my clients how to use EFT for cravings.  Often they have a specific food that really triggers them.  Tapping away cravings for chocolate, cheeseburgers, ice cream or chips, is simple and very empowering:  “Even though I have this craving for __________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

You want to be persistent until you get the craving to a zero.  If the craving comes back, just tap it away again. I usually save this step for last because without tapping away the underlying anxiety, a new craving will likely replace the old one, without much benefit.

Tapping away a craving is often a spectacular “one minute wonder”, but losing a lot of weight, even with EFT, can take real persistence and determination.  It’s very helpful to have a strategy like the one above and some kind of daily tapping regimen, perhaps over a three-week period.  I think you’ll find using EFT much more rewarding and successful than any diet you’ve ever tried!

Rob Nelson
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Ladies – Transform your life!

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT, may just be the very gentle way to transform your life!

Are You Carrying the Pain of a Broken Relationship?

Were you divorced or dumped? Or did you have to leave because things went south?

The emotional disruption can go on for years.

Self-analysis, replaying what happened, wondering what you did wrong, second-guessing yourself, self-doubt and self-criticism…

— or, on the other hand, anger, blaming and bitterness may never end.

These reactions can take up way too much of your life. They can totally prevent new relationships or limit the possibilities.

Or you may find yourself recreating the same relationships with different people. Do you see patterns in your relationships?

You can use EFT to get over that person in your life, NOW!

You’ll feel freer, rest easier, be more relaxed, and accept and love yourself more completely. It’s fast, it works and you’ll have personal revelations. Guaranteed.

And if you’re interested, you’ll find yourself far more open to the possibilities out there, or in your present relationship.

This stuff works, as so many have experienced.

Emotional residue builds up in any relationship, the way plaque does on your teeth.

Little resentments, ongoing annoyances, leftover anger from arguments, miscommunications and things left unsaid, disappointments, moments of frustration, “don’t go there” feelings, and so on, accumulate.

Each bit may be hardly noticeable but one thing sticks to another and it all builds up. Increasing separation is the inevitable result.

Ignoring this accumulation often leads to serious problems, requiring painful or expensive procedures like therapy and divorce.

Prevention is the best cure. Learn how to take down all this junk, leaving your relationship clean, shiny and close.