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Oh my gosh do I have a EFT story to tell you, I used it after a huge fall off of an exercise machine, I could have broken my leg and arm and gotten my back out of whack, it was serious…I immediately remembered a story you told me how right after an incident you did EFT…I got up, put ice on both areas, and did EFT, I couldn’t remember all the steps and skipped a couple things (like the initially tapping on our hands) but remembered your wording and did tapping many, many sets….the result….no broken bones, minimal pain, a deep cut that didn’t get infected….healing was in process without fear….yay God, yay EFT as His tool…and thank you Carol!!!    K.L.



Carol , thank you so much for introducing tapping (EFT) to me. I was amazed at the results after the first session. I haven’t had that kind of relief with sciatica and low back pain before. I didn’t think there was any hope for those of us suffering with Fibromyalgia, but after just 3 sessions I found that the aches and pains had diminished. It’s also helping me to sleep better; after years of insomnia this is truly a gift!
Thanks again for your help and kindness.

Dear Carol,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “To select only 3 “Top Attributes” is too difficult! Carol fits all the attributes listed in the LinkedIn recommendation list. I have not personally used her services, but a close friend of mine has, and the results were wonderful. When others can see the difference in her clients…it’s a powerful testament to the high level of skill she has and imparts to her clients. I met her in a Networking Group, and found her to be cheerful and easy to be around. I admire the volunteer work she is doing to help Veterans, and only wish that more people would connect with her so she could help them live more full and vibrant lives!”
Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Hi Carol, Thank you for letting me participate in the Veterans’ Stress Project study.  I can honestly say that it does work.  Things have been incredibly challenging lately, and without these techniques I believe I would have gone straight off the deep end.  But, I am still here and I have found some avenues of assistance, so all is not lost.  When I tap in the morning as I wake up, it puts a positive spin on my day, good or bad.  I feel more in control of myself and the outcomes of outside influence.

Thank you again very much – S.T. – (retired Army)
In this industry (direct selling) there is one piece of advice that we hear over & over again: “YOU MUST SET GOALS.” There was also one thing that I really hated doing: Setting Goals. Sometimes I could force myself to write down some goals – but I’d get rid of that list as fast as possible. I just didn’t like Goal-setting. I didn’t like how the process made me feel and I didn’t like how I felt when I looked at my goals.

After one session of “Tapping” on that problem, and underlying issues, my bad feelings around Goals and Goal-Setting simply … disappeared. It was the strangest thing! I can’t explain it, but I do know that EFT with Carol really works! Within the week after our session, I had set a number of specific business goals, and have a Master Plan in place to achieve them. Instead of “losing” these under piles of paper or shoving them to the back of the sock-drawer, my Goals are out in plain sight, posted on my office wall. I am very excited about what the future will hold! If I run into blocks – as one almost inevitably does in the challenging pursuit of business-growth – I know where to turn for help: Tapping Navigator.

If you are feeling in anyway blocked or frustrated with your business, I highly recommend talking with Carol about how you can use EFT to help you get through your challenges. With a little help from Tapping Navigator, the blockades collapse very quickly indeed.

from Elaine M. “MrsHealthandProsperity”
Ladysmith B.C. Canada


MAx Fabry has recommended your work as Owner, Certified Practitioner at Tapping Navigator.

Dear Carol, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation:  “When I first met Carol I knew I wanted to invite her to be a part of the health and wellness community. My initial feelings about Carol was “calm”; it was pleasant being in the same room with her. Part of membership in is providing professional references. Here are comments I received from Carol’s professional references that solidified my decision to invite her into the community: “Carol is a skilled EFT practitioner. She’s very good at making you feel safe and comfortable even when facing challenging issues.”…”Carol is sweet, kind, caring, and professional”….”Carol is dedicated to volunteering as an EFT Practitioner and a Research Coach for the Veterans Stress Project…I would refer anyone to Carol seeking EFT, and in our working relationship I refer her to veterans.” The Veterans Stress Project is an initiative of Soul Medicine Institute, a non profit research and teaching institution not affiliated with the government or any religious group. You can learn more about this project at–once you understand the depth of this project that Carol is associated with, you will understand my admiration for her.”


My ‘tapping’ sessions with Carol helped me understand the importance of addressing a problem rather than ignoring it and hoping it might not be there tomorrow.  For example, when setting goals I always felt mine were not good enough.  This then made me question my leadership skills:  how could I suggest someone else do their goals when I had so much trouble doing mine?  This was an unsettling situation.  Part of me wanted to ignore it and part of me wanted to get help.  A friend in direct sales told me about the ‘Tapping Navigator’.  By the end of my first session with Carol I felt energized and knew I wanted to continue working with EFT.

Carol has a wonderful bubbly personality – especially appreciated at 7 AM sessions.  She knows and understands our type of business so has the inside track to help us overcome whatever is slowing us down.

I encourage you to stand up to your obstacles and do something about them.  Get in touch with Carol.   I’m delighted that I found my “tapping navigator”!

Sharon Stonehouse, Nanaimo, BC  Canada, Email:,








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Dear Carol,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Being a fully Certified EFT coach Carol is able to help her clients achieve maximum results in all areas of their lives from business to personal success. She can help you identify what is holding you back and provide a way to overcome that obstacle. Her volunteer work with our country’s Veterans is inspiring!”
Service Category: Coaching
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Carol,  Thank you so much for helping my 6 yr. old son get his happiness back.  All the monsters are gone now, as well at the nightmares.  He loved reading the tapping stories with you and using the Tappy Bear to learn how to tap and express what was going on for him.  He sleeps through the night now consistently! – Rachel L.


Hi Carol. I just wanted to pass along a little tidbit from last night ABOUT USING EFT.

I was walking from the kitchen into the living room with a very hot bowl of soup when one of my cats ran from under the coffee table and in between my legs after getting spooked .  In an attempt to keep from kicking the cat, I tripped and went into an uncontrolled fall.  All while trying to keep this scalding hot soup from spilling on me.

I guess the fall can only be described as a multi-tasking stumble .  As I fell, I was trying to keep from spilling the hot soup on myself, while avoiding the sharp edges and corners of both the coffee and end tables.  I was only semi-successful.

I was trying hard to limit the damage as I toppled over, straining and wrenching myself as I went down.  When I landed my feet were definitely pointed in a different direction than my head.

After a quick self-assessment I got up and sat on the couch and started tapping.  I am very thankful for my past sessions with you.  Tapping was my first thought and I did all the points at least twice.

Even with the tapping, I just knew that the next morning I’d wake up near immobile.  I’ve been here in the past – unable to move the next day after such a wrench to my body like that.

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised to awake and be able to get out of bed just fine.  I had some vey minor tension between my shoulder blades (which has since disappeared) but that was it.  I keep a bottle of Naproxen Sodium on hand for back aches.  I had no need for them this morning.  Again, what a very pleasant surprise.  Its really great to know that I have this wonderful tool of EFT/tapping to use at a moment’s notice in any emergency situation.

Thank you very much,


Feedback on my work as a Veterans’ Stress Project Research Coach (

Thanks Carol with huge appreciation for your excellent, committed, session work, data collection.
Your efforts, outreach and files sent are remarkable and important/key to the research.

Thanks also for staying in touch with this office and Marilyn M., VSP’s VIP.

All the best!



Wow!  I am so impressed with this whole EFT thing and what it is doing for me.  You really nailed the core issue once we got into what was bothering me.  The very next presentation I had to do went so well.  I’m confident you will help me clear the other messy areas from my early years as well.  Thanks a bunch.  Michael E.


These sessions have really changed my life.  I had such a mega-fear of heights that I wasn’t able to function normally with my family or at work.  Its so much better now that we have gone through all the different parts of my fear.  Who knew there was so much involved?  I promise I’ll keep doing my “homework”, and I now it will continue to improve.  Megan R.  – Vancouver, B.C.


Carol, I know that you are donating a lot of time to help us Vets through the Veterans’ Stress Project, and I can personally say it is time well spent.  I’ve seen so much improvement in my zest for life, communications with other people, ability to travel, etc.  Best wishes,  Robert S.


Dear Carol,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users and internet searchers.
Details of the Recommendation: “When it comes to clearing out the old programming and negative beliefs that hold us back or interfere with our rapid business, professional or personal growth, Carol is the answer. She is a superlative EFT practicioner, the best I have ever worked with.”
Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


Because of you and EFT, you taught me I can serve children at school and net stress!

Becky B.