A quick 7 min. overview of EFT via Youtube:

A more detailed example of what EFT/Tapping is all about, and some examples to tap along with:  Nick Ortner the presenter:

Further education for EFT:

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Gary Craig’s books:

EFT Manual

EFT for Sports Performance

EFT for Weight Loss


Dawson Church’s book: The Genie in your Genes –

Children’s books:

Tapping For Kids – by Angie Muccillo

The Wizard’s Wish: Or, How He Made the Yuckies Go Away – A Story    About the Magic in You – by Brad Yates



Introduction to EFT, Gary Craig

7 min. preview of above movie:

Here’s just one testimonial about the movie:
“I have tears in my eyes watching how everyone shifted from
their pain, whether it be emotionally or physically into having
more control over their lives.  This was so inspirational to
watch!  For anyone who has any doubt about this technique, watch
this video and get inspired!  It works!”  Annie Siegel – New York, NY


The Living Matrix – A Film of The New Science of Healing

Matrix Reimprinting Book –

Website to study more about EFT – EFT Universe


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