Bitcoin, Tesla and EFT? – guest article by Rob Nelson

I love my electric car, and it’s not even a Tesla.  We just plug it in at night. No gas stations for us!  There’s almost zero maintenance since it’s so much simpler than a gas car.  And it’s WAY more fun to drive.  Even on “eco-mode” the acceleration beats any ICE car off the line. Our Nissan Leaf is a freaking race car disguised as a 4 door hatchback.

Best of all though, electric cars are a “disruptive technology.”  Along with the solar, wind and new advancements in battery storage, they’re undermining the dirty fossil fuel industry that has had a literal death grip on global politics and industry.

Prices have dropped so low and so quickly, we may be able to leave enough oil, coal and gas in the ground that we might actually make it!  Bad news if you’re Exxon Mobile.  Great news for the rest of the planet.

Many inventions might be called a “breakthrough technology” without disrupting any existing entrenched power structures.  Flush toilets for example, had an incredible impact on society but weren’t up against the powerful chamber pot industry.

EFT is definitely a breakthrough technology, no question about that.  It’s easily learned and can reliably produce healing miracles. EFT liberates human potential by empowering radical improvements in one’s personal experience of life.

But is EFT a “disruptive technology”?  And if so, who or what is being disrupted?  Just off the top of my head, I can think of at least four powerful socio-economic power structures potentially threatened by EFT:

Big Pharma The management of emotional problems through medication has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Oddly enough, there seem to be at least as many depressed and/or stressed out people as ever. Worse still, properly prescribed medications have become one of the leading causes of death in developed nations.EFT has the potential to drastically change how society deals with stress, anxiety and depression by actually resolving it rather than just treating symptoms. And of course a host of diseases and conditions have been healed or at least improved by tapping.

Advertising Most advertising works by provoking, expanding and exploiting our insecurities, low self-esteem, and fear of missing out. In a nutshell, we must compensate for our inadequacies by purchasing the product on offer. Problem solved. EFT repairs damage to our self-concept, making us less susceptible to this sort of scam. We don’t need to buy stuff anymore to try and be okay if we already feel pretty good.

The Weight Loss Industry Estimated at $60+ billion dollars, you might say that the weight-loss industry itself is obese. Its steady growth over the decades has somehow paralleled the increasing percentage of overweight people. Clearly whatever’s being peddled doesn’t work very well. EFT does work. It has the potential to drastically reduce emotional overeating along with the shame-based obsession with dieting that plagues so many people.

Traditional Psychotherapy Many therapists have embraced and adopted EFT, but the vast majority have not. Consider how galling EFT might seem – a relatively brief and inexpensive training can empower EFT practitioners with no formal counseling or psychology background to be astonishingly effective, outperforming even experienced talk therapists who likely invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in their degrees and licensure.  It’s no fun being disrupted! But considering the epidemic levels of stress and trauma in our society, it can’t happen quickly enough for me.

Rapid adoption is what makes a new technology truly ‘disruptive’.  So many people jump on the bandwagon so quickly that it just steamrollers the existing industry.  It took only ten years for cell phones to reach 100% adoption rates in the US and Europe.  Ten more years to take over the world.

For the most part “disruptive technologies” are liberating.  They unleash creativity and expression, economic opportunity and human potential.  In part because the corporate and political power structures being disrupted have consolidated control by stifling competition and innovation.

Of course the most obvious modern example is the Internet which simply eliminated the ‘gate keepers’ controlling information and finance.  Media networks, publishing houses, magazine and newspaper editors, universities and ‘think tanks’ have all lost their monopoly.  We can do our own research with a few clicks and there are hundreds of thousands of independent teachers, journalists and ‘thought leaders’ sharing their work on open channels.

Entrepreneurs are empowered to start businesses or plug into online retail systems like Ebay or Amazon.  Almost anyone can sell almost anything to just about anyone.  Your little website can compete with Walmart.

In a parallel development “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin and Ethereum are beginning to undermine the dangerous power of central banks. They may provide an alternative to the boom and bust cycles of fiat currency, hyperinflation and seemingly inevitable global economic meltdowns.

Of course not all disruptive technologies are beneficial. Gunpowder for example! And some, like GMOs may actually disrupt the delicate balance of nature. Not to mention the traditional economics of indigenous farming. Not good!

EFT & Bitcoin

To be honest, some emerging disruptive technologies really freak me out. I can’t seem to get my head around ‘autonomous vehicles’ for example. And 3D printing and robotics seem likely to put everyone out of a job. Throw Artificial Intelligence into the mix and things could get really scary really fast. Seriously! Do we have the wisdom, as a species, to handle this stuff?

That’s where EFT comes into the picture. All of the other ‘disruptive technologies’ are aimed at changing our external circumstances. EFT changes our internal environment, releasing the hold of the past, discharging stuck emotions, and replacing negative limiting beliefs.By removing our triggers, EFT empowers us to live more in the moment, to have agency, to be responsive instead of reactive. In my own practice I see a universal increase in compassion for others. And isn’t this precisely what humanity needs? ASAP?

The rate of adoption for EFT is still too low to pose any real economic threat to the four power structures mentioned above.  We’re still flying under the radar, so to speak.  And perhaps that’s for the best for now.  Aside from the organized scrubbing of positive Wikipedia edits, something that EFT shares with most other ‘alternative’ healing modalities, there’s been very little active suppression or sabotage so far.

My hope is that we’re rapidly approaching a kind of critical mass in awareness and adoption of EFT will accelerate across the globe, too fast for any real resistance – the way were seeing it go with solar energy and electric cars.  I’m fairly sure this is already underway with EFT and will only continue.  And that’s because it works!

Perhaps we’ll actually survive as a species!  We’ll develop the necessary emotional health just in time to handle these other powerful emerging technologies.  To quote H.G. Wells “History is a race between education and catastrophe.”  Feeling anxious about that race?  Maybe we’d better tap on that!

copyright 2017 Rob Nelson

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