EFT for the Cold and Flu Season – guest article by Rob Nelson

EFT for the Cold and Flu Season

Catching a cold really sucks and getting the flu is a total nightmare.  Can EFT be effective against these maladies?   Preventing them or chasing them off once we’re “coming down with a bug”?
The short answer is YES!

EFT is truly awesome… but before we tap, let’s start with an ounce of prevention (and by the way, nothing in this article is intended as medical advice).

First the good news: Cold and flu germs really have only two portals into your body – nose and mouth.  Our own hands are most likely delivery system.  So hand washing, especially when we’ve been out in public, is such a great idea.  We don’t we need to get all OCD about it, but germs really hate warm soapy water.

Of course sometimes sick people cough or sneeze and all their nasty germs go airborne.  What then?  Are we doomed?  Time to bust out the old hazmat suit?  Nope.  It actually takes three days or so for germs to get a foothold and build enough momentum to make you sick.

And three days is plenty of time to wipe ‘em out.  Literally.  All you really need is warm salt water – a neti-pot for the sinuses and gargling and mouth wash for the throat.  Of course drinking hot tea (especially sans milk and sugar) helps flush these unwelcome guests down to the germ destroying inferno that is your stomach.  Making this a regular habit just might do the trick.

Or not.  There are other “sick factors” that can play a major role.  Here’s how EFT can help neutralize what I call these S-Factors.

From Halloween treats to Christmas candy and pumpkin pie, sugar seems to be an integral part of our cold weather celebrations.  Aside from the whole weight gain issue, sugar intake may temporarily suppress our immune system, making us way more susceptible to whatever germs are going around.

This is an area where EFT really shines.  As irresistible as sweets may be, simple tapping can dramatically curb our cravings – often to the point where we simply don’t want them anymore.  No will power required.  Even very basic tapping can be surprisingly effective:

“Even though I have this craving for that candy cane/coffee cake/chocolate Santa/lemon meringue pie, I deeply love and completely accept myself”

Here’s a quote I like: ‘The way to prevent illness is to inhabit our body’.  Not sure who said that, but it seems spot on to me.

All of us have our ups and downs, right?  But sometimes we really sink low and get a little stuck there.  The feeling can be “get me out of here!”  If we’re checking out of our body on an energetic level, it seems to make room for other life forms to move in – viruses are rather opportunistic.  I know this one from personal experience.

And of course EFT can help with the blues – it’s especially helpful to have a tapping buddy, or work with a practitioner.  But even just tapping alone on feeling glum can really shift things.

“Even though I have this sadness, even though I’m feeling lonely today, I deeply love and completely accept myself….”
My favorite trick here is to use a timer.  Just set it for 5 or 10 minutes and keep tapping until it dings!

Do you get stressed out by the holidays?  It really seems expected these days.  Maybe in some twisted way it’s how we show our love?  Family gatherings can certainly feel like a mine field of dangerous unresolved tensions.  Or on the flip side, a lack of family and friends can bring on intense loneliness.

And then there’s Christmas shopping.  It can be fun!  At least theoretically.  But not if the stakes are high.  Not if we’re agonizing over getting just the right gift for everyone with a perfectionistic dread of getting it wrong.

A sense of obligation and pressure, not to mention actual fatigue, can drain all the joy out of shopping, preparing a feast, doing the Christmas tree, you name it.  For some of us financial anxiety gets thrown into the mix – we’re going to start off the New Year with a whopping credit card bill.  Yikes.

Stress is definitely NOT good for our health.  Stress is kissing-cousins with Fight or Flight.  If we’re running from a tiger a lot of our systems get shut down – energy re-allocated to our arms and legs.  So our immune system becomes compromised and it’s much easier to get sick.  Which of course is another potential source of stress, and so it goes.

You might find it rather easy to make a list of your biggest stressors.  The stuff that’s really up right now.  Simply tapping on these list items is usually enough to get real relief.  No need to worry about figuring out solutions to our problems.  Solutions tend to just show up as we tap our way out of fight or flight – it can really seem magical.

“Even though there’s too much to do and all I really want is to curl up with a good book on the sofa, but everyone expects me to come through with the best Thanksgiving dinner ever and it’s going to be a mob scene at the store and I’m really not looking forward to hearing Uncle Jim’s political opinions again and I’m just so sick of it all, I forgive myself for that – and I choose to love and accept myself….”

Already coming down with a cold or flu?  Time to tap on your symptoms – and it’s best to tap on each one separately.  Headache, fever, chills, sore throat, stuffy sinuses, stomach pain, achy muscles, diarrhea – whatever you got, tap on it!

Start with your worst symptom.  On a zero to ten scale, rate the intensity of that specific symptom and use rounds of tapping to try to get it down to zero.  Then on to the next one.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check in on fear – one of the sneakiest symptoms.  It comes in all flavors – fear of getting sick in the first place, or fear we’ll get worse, that we’ll never get better, that we’re going to miss out, or we’ll let someone down, people will resent us, we’re going to die….   This is really unhelpful stuff so let’s tap it away:

“Even though I ache all over and I’m so scared that I’m coming down with the flu and I’ll be in bed for a week, and I’ll miss too much work and I’ll probably lose my job and end up living on the street and it’s so cold out I’ll die of exposure and by the time I’m well enough to go shopping all the stores will be cleaned out and I won’t have good presents for anyone, I forgive myself for anything I might have done to bring this about – all that chocolate cake I ate Saturday night, letting myself get chilled on that walk in the park, I still choose to deeply love and completely accept myself…”

When it comes to tapping on fear, go for the jugular!

In Conclusion
I hope that you sail through the so-called “Cold and Flu Season” in vibrant health.  Getting sick is NOT inevitable.  Dust off that neti-pot, develop a mild compulsion with the hand washing and enjoy some good, creative tapping here and there – you’ve got it covered.

Copyright Rob Nelson 2015