A quick trick on relief when you can’t tap – from Sherry Smith

I want to teach you a simple “trick” for the times when you cannot tap, but you need to tap now!I learned this years ago from Dawson. I use it when I’m in a hurry, and bothered, but when I can’t stop and tap right now.

Drop your tongue, relaxed, on the floor of your mouth. Cross your hands over your heart, and take a few slow deep breaths. 5 seconds in, hold for 2 seconds, 5 seconds out. Do this while feeling where your angst is physically and focus on whatever the problem is.

A nice long red light is ample time to just allow whatever the feelings and emotions are to float off.

Now, teach yourself, and it takes a bit of mindfulness to do this – keep your tongue relaxed as much as possible on the floor of your mouth.

That relaxed tongue engages the parasympathetic nervous system and tells your body that there is nothing wrong no matter what you are feeling at the moment. You might be bugged, but you are NOT in any physical danger.

If anyone tries this, let me know what you think of this short-cut. It doesn’t replace your daily tapping, but it can help to get you out of an immediate problem with a quick fix.


Thank you Sherry for posting this on FB!