One Unexpected Consequence of Successful EFT With Elders – guest post – Rob Nelson

I’ve been running into an interesting problem lately, one that actually seems to be caused by EFT itself.  It comes up most often with my older clients and has to do with how quickly and easily even long held problems can be released.
Some of these folks have been carrying a serious emotional burden for most of their life—sometimes fifty, sixty years or more.  When they experience the sudden release of their emotional pain, they are unexpectedly confronted with just how easy it was to simply “slough it off” and be free.

Because it seems so easy, my clients are often faced with the reality that many years were needlessly tainted by their problem (never mind that EFT hadn’t been developed yet).  Instead of feeling grateful for the sudden relief, feelings of deep sadness, regret or even bitterness may arise for these clients.

I’ve begun watching for this reaction, which might be summed up with the words “I’ll never get those years back” or “all those years wasted”.  This is a real issue, and the feelings of grief or bitterness may be profound.  Fortunately they can be tapped away, usually in just a few rounds:

“Even though I’ll never get those years back and it feels like such a loss, I forgive myself for taking so long to get over it….”

“Even though those should have been the best years of my life and they were wasted by all of this needless anger (or shame or whatever the problem was), I let go of the past and embrace who I am today…”

“Even though I have all this sorrow and regret over what might have been, I chose to deeply love and completely accept myself and give thanks for the time I have left to enjoy…”
“Even though so many years were lost to this suffering, I am now free to fully experience this present moment in all of its potential…”

This extra step can make a huge difference, helping to bring closure to the original issue and re-orient the client away from lost potential and towards enjoying their newfound emotional freedom.


Rob Nelson –