EFT & Headaches – gone!

Sometimes when I am doing out-of-office work, I will get what seems to be a sinus related headache.  Since I am a Certified EFT Practitioner, it dawned on me one day to take a few moments and tap about the headache.  I would do a few rounds of tapping, then go about my work.  Usually I would think that I wasn’t getting any results, (because the symptoms would still be there) then just forget about it.  Then I discovered what was really happening, a delayed reaction.  Now I know that when I am going to tap about a personal headache, I will see the successful results in 5 to 15 minutes.  The headache will just be gone.  I have to remember to check in with myself, and sure enough, its gone.  Interesting how EFT can keep getting the desired results (no more headache), but we may have to wait for just a little bit for it to show up.

If you get headaches often, or migraine headaches, they are definitely treatable with EFT!  Lets connect.

EFT Improves Confidence! (Both physical and emotional)

Great News from Dawson Church –

Research Shows EFT Improves Confidence: A study recently published in a large peer-reviewed sports journal showed that EFT improves confidence levels in athletes. Researcher Darlene Downs gathered data from 10 female volleyball players at a university, and I wrote up the results for publication. We analyzed their levels of PTSD, as it manifested both physically and emotionally. We also measured their confidence levels, and their degree of trauma around a single adverse event. They then received a single EFT session that lasted only 20 minutes. Afterwards, their confidence levels improved, while both physical and emotional aspects of PTSD decreased. When followed up 60 days later, their improvements had held. The improvements in mental health had high statistical significance, meaning that there was only 1 possibility in 1,000 that the results were due to chance. This study confirms the results of two earlier randomized controlled trials of EFT for athletic performance, and contributes to the growing body of research demonstrating EFTs effectiveness for a wide range of psychological and physical problems.

www.eftuniverse.com for more details.

If you are ready for getting to that next level in your performance, either in business or sports, lets connect and make it happen!    Carol Smith, Cert. EFT Practitioner, www.TappingNavigator.com

Dealing with Body Pain

It can be surprising for clients to learn that pain in their body can be significantly improved or even eliminated by using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or tapping as some call it.

EFT is a process of working with the body’s own energy systems to help correct “stuck” energy, i.e. like when we have been in a car accident, then are totally afraid to drive again.  EFT can clear that out.  It can also deal with specific body issues and the pains that show up.

I worked again with a client today that has had long term, on and off, pain in her upper body.  After the major emotional and physical challenges were addressed via EFT for the right side of her body, which was why she was coming to me, then the pain shifted and was manifesting differently (and with less intensity) on the left side.

Her insight was that this was “left over” issues from the past that keep showing up.  Obviously why there was now a challenge in the left side of her body.

After many rounds of tapping on both the physical and emotional aspects of the problem, she looked right at me and said “its gone!”.  She then proceeded to move her arms and shoulders, and feel her upper back, and assured me that the pain was gone.

Its always interesting to see the connection between our mind and body, and how they interact over an entire lifetime of experiences, traumas, situations, and relationships.

Since I am not in the medical profession, (and don’t even play one on TV), I always leave the analysis of what has happened to the client.  They know their bodies better than anyone else.

The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, said to “try it on everything!  Many people that use energy psychology, EFT being one form of it, are expanding the horizons of healing in all areas of our lives, be it emotional, physical, or performance.

Just try it on everything!

Helping Veterans deal with Stress & PTSD

An ever higher and higher number of our military veterans are having to deal with high levels of stress and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  The Veterans Administration is in a state of overwhelm trying to help our veterans.  The VA uses many different modalities to help, including counseling, talk therapy, group therapy, and prescription medications.  I was interested to learn that the VA has spent over One Billion dollars on prescription medications for service members.  A Billion is a LOT.

Might there be a better way, a faster way to help our veterans?  Yes, I believe there is.

As a Certified EFT Practitioner, I am also doing session work with veterans to help them with the many challenges they face after their service to our country.  A prime way of doing this is via a research project called the Veterans’ Stress Project (VSP), www.stressproject.org  We offer six free sessions of help for veterans using a form of energy psychology called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

The VSP helps Veterans learn an evidence-based, drug-free, self-help technique proven effective in relieving a wide range of stress-related symptoms.  All sessions are confidential and at no charge.

The Veterans’ Stress Project is nation-wide, and open to all veterans.

Who do you know that is open to help with gaining a better qualify of life?

Lets connect.