Building Community – For Business – A Fun Combination

I’ve been involved in business networking for several decades now.

That’s what business people do to help keep their funnel of prospects coming in the right direction for new clients and business.

The interesting part of it that often goes unnoticed is the really getting to know people on a more personal basis as a result of the networking.  Building community, and bonds of trust and friendship.

A great example of that for me was attending an evening event where a group of women all came together to do similar paintings to take home.  Much food, beverages, and fun was had by all.  We laughed, shared, did some bonding, and had a great time.

Someone in the group said we all needed to just start “tapping” the paint onto the canvases.  Then everyone was saying it.  It took me longer than most to make the connection that I was the only one in the “tapping” (Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT) business.  What a hoot.  I hear that word so often that its just a part of who I am now and a word I use many many times a day.  We all had a good laugh over that one.

Will I be doing more business with many of these ladies?  You bet!  That’s the plus side for business of just having fun with new or almost new friends.  Business happens.

Don’t overlook the benefits of spending this extra time and commitment to help your business grow.  You just may have a whole lot of fun along the way!

If you are feeling resistance to going further with your networking, I can help!  Lets connect and see what is keeping you from making more connections and taking your business to the next level.  EFT is a very quick way to get long lasting results.