Tax Time Already? Anxious?



You can use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to tap away tax anxiety!

Believe it or not I’m really ok paying taxes. The 15th of April is a day that a lot of people get very fearful and anxious about.  I have been able to work through that.  Mind you this wasn’t always the case. Like many other people who are self-employed I had fears around handling the burden of paying estimated quarterly taxes, filing my business reports, and keeping really good track of all my receipts.



Use this list as tapping prompts for your own inner
work and set yourself free from this annual stressor once and for all.

1. Tap on feeling overwhelmed by the process. Sit down at your desk, pull out those  files, and see what shows up in your body.

2. Tap on the fear of getting it wrong. Do you think you will make a big costly mistake or that you will miss a big tax break? Do you feel you can’t do it yourself, have you always taking your pile of paperwork to someone else to deal with?
This includes fear of hiring the wrong person to help you!

3. Tap on the fear of getting audited. The fact is that only less than 1% of filers actually get audited. Clear this though because remember that this energy can attract this experience to you.

4. Tap on the fear of doing the math. Did you know that fear of math activates pain centers in the brain? If you have a history of math anxiety you might want to tap on those past events as well.

5. Tap on procrastination.  Procrastination is ALWAYS Fear. Figure out what that fear is and tap on it being as specific as you can be.

6. Tap on negative past events related to taxes. This was one of the keys for me.  Decades ago I was audited several years in a row!  Come to find out it was because the tax prep person was shady, and the feds were auditing every one of their clients!  Needless to say, I hired a new tax preparation person the next year. 

If you would like help working through your tax “issues”, then connect with me right away!  Lets get this cleared out for you.

Obstacles? What obstacles?


Obstacles are in your mind.
Really. What’s the difference between an obstacle and a situation?

Your reaction.  It’s amazing how much energy we can put into creating an obstacle out of a situation.
If you drop your reaction your obstacle becomes just a situation.
Blocks from past experience may just disappear, leaving your way open.
You feel lighter, freed up. You may even be enthusiastic about whatever it is.
That’s what people found when I did this in a group setting.

One man said “Knot I’ve had in my neck has totally vanished!  Its been there for as long as I can remember.”
Another, when asked how strong his reaction was to his obstacle after doing some work said “It’s totally neutralized.  I can’t find it at all!.”

Imagine saying that about (or to) your obstacles. You may find yourself doing just that during a private session using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Pick something that seems to be blocking your way forward in your life. Bring that and let’s see what happens.

Oh, and nobody needs to know what your obstacle is unless you decide to share it.  Issues can be worked on without revealing any of the details of the situation or distress.

What are you ready to get rid of so you can move into a happier and healthier YOU?

Book a session and start off loading the excess baggage.

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

Imagine you could change one thing about yourself.
What would you choose?
If you could start changing it before next week, would you? Even if you’ve
never been able to budge it before?

Decades-old memories and limiting self-beliefs lighten up and disappear on a regular basis.  Bring out the thing you would like to change.

Then learn and use very possibly the most powerful personal change method in existence.

That’s a big claim, I know, but I go by results.

Are you up for a better life? If Yes, great. See you in an affordable private coaching session.

If not, bring your reason why not and we’ll see what that’s about 😉

My clients are getting very positive and lasting results via coaching sessions using EFT,

Emotional Freedom Techniques (better known as tapping).

All sorts of changes are possible, emotional, performance, issues of body challenges and even phobias.

Check out a confidential EFT session for yourself.  I work from my virtual office via Skype,

Skype with video, or phone sessions.

Are you ready for that positive change in your life right now?

Your life is yours alone.
Only you make the decisions.
But are you making them based on programming?
Or on the basis of what will most support your highest well-being?
Programming is driven by an emotional charge.
This is how most people live their lives.
Reduce the charge and more choices open up.
That’s what we do in these sessions.


Be awesome, because you are!


(Thanks to D. Sweney for his perspective on this and all that it offers us!)

EFT for Goal Setting & Business Success

I’m working now with a special niche industry, using EFT, with many direct sellers, network marketers, and MLM business owners, for companies like Avon, Mary Kay, USANA, Young Living, Send Out Cards, Pampered Chef, and Scentsy. 

direct sellers

A recent client had excellent results and is delighted with the whole idea of using EFT to further her business success. We worked via phone, as she is in a different country than I, and she didn’t have Skype with video. 

Josie’s presenting issue was “Goal Setting.” She just couldn’t get herself to do any more in that area than write down the goals, after which she would file the list away and never look at it again. When we started our first session, her 0-10 SUD level was at a 9+. She was very worked up just thinking about the topic of business goals. We did several rounds about setting goals, where the intensity around it came from in her past, why she felt physically sick just thinking about it. “I just stop myself,” she said. Josie’s emotions were hopelessness, helplessness, anger, and frustration. 

We tapped on: “My accomplishments are meaningless,” “This sick feeling in my stomach,” “Why do I keep stopping myself?” “Why should I even set goals?” “I don’t think I’ll do it,” “I keep dismissing this whole idea of goal setting,” “I don’t deserve good things,” “I’m so angry,” “I don’t deserve to achieve my goals,” “I’m an idiot,” “No wonder my business is stuck,” “I’m just helpless to set goals.” 

We came to a core belief of “I’m just not good enough.” A common refrain from both of Josie’s parents the whole time she was growing up was “I’m sick of____.” They would say they were sick of most of the things in their lives, and also of what she as a child was doing. She picked up that damaging verbiage, and carried it forward as a part of her identity and physical challenges. No wonder she felt sick when looking at achieving big things. The pit of her stomach was where she held all these emotions. She said that she didn’t want to accept and honor herself, and was sick of how she behaved.

 We tapped on: “This sick feeling in my stomach,” “It feels like the flu, it spreads out in my body,” “I hate setting goals,” “All this pressure to set goals,” “It’s all so negative,” “This feeling of powerlessness,” “I’m sick of how I behave,” “I’m no good to do anything,” “How can I ever advance my business?” “I just can’t do this, no wonder my business is stuck!” “I start out so strong, then just don’t follow up with my prospects,” “Why do I just stop?” “Maybe I can look at it differently,” “Maybe I can see this as just setting intentions,” “That feels really good to me,” “Intentions are easy.” 

When we finished all the rounds and retested, Josie was at a very happy 0! She said she felt good and was going to go for the rewards now. Her one reservation was that this might not hold in the future. We set a follow-up session for the next week. 

At the second session, Josie announced right away that she could calmly look at setting her business goals and start taking action. We spent much of the second session dealing with the nagging feeling of “This won’t hold,” “It probably won’t work even now,” “I might go back to my old ways and not move my business forward,” “I want to be a good example for my down line,” “I want to be excited about setting goals when I come home from convention,” “Maybe this will hold for me,” “I’m choosing to see this in a different light,” “I feel okay with goals.” 

Another thing that came up was that Josie felt she didn’t deserve to achieve her business goals and be a success. Other people would notice her and she would stand out (a bad thing). Delving into her very youngest years, she could see where all this had been put into place, and was able to release the hold it had on her now. “It’s okay not to be just like my big sister,” “I have my own gifts to offer,” “I’m safe now, I’m all grown up.” “It’s okay for people to see me as a successful entrepreneur,” “I can be on stage and accept the honors,” “I’m so happy inside thinking of my advancements,” “I’m setting a good example for others to follow.” 

In her words, Josie ended this session feeling “light and delightful.” Her voice sounded upbeat and positive. She checked in with me a few days later to say she had signed up a new prospect in her business and that signing event was the reward she had been looking for! 

I’m confident Josie’s business will grow and she will continue to use EFT to overcome new challenges. 

Carol Smith, an EFT Certified Practitioner and a success coach, has been in network marketing companies for 15 years. She uses EFT to help entrepreneurs up-level their success, teaching them basic EFT so they have it in their networking tool chest.