EFT & New Year’s Resolutions – guest post

By Karen Degen, EFT MAS-3 – http://www.setfree.co.nz/
Only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions –change that with EFT!
It’s the time of year when people make New Year’s resolutions, but according to Statistic Brain only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution.
Coming in at number one as the most popular resolution is ‘lose weight’, followed at number two with ‘get fit’, yet one study showed that 80% of gym goers drop out within 8 weeks.
Other resolutions in the top five are ‘eat more healthy’, ‘save more/spend less’ and ‘stop smoking’.
Doing EFT while focusing on each of your resolutions would likely change that statistic from 8% of people sticking to their New Year’s resolutions to at least 80%. Make your number one New Year’s resolution to do EFT every day.
Here’s how to do it:
1. Choose one resolution at a time to tap on, e.g. lose weight
2. Tune into the part of you that isn’t ready to do what is required. Tap on all the reasons why part of you isn’t willing or ready. Tap on all of the fears, doubts and worries you have over doing what is required. Tap on any downside to achieving that goal e.g. I’ll be more attractive to men and I’m not comfortable with that attention.
Tap on any belief that you can stick to it e.g. “Even though I’ve tried to lose weight heaps of times in the past and never succeeded I deeply and completely accept myself.”
3. Each day tap on any reluctance to do what is required to stick to your resolution. You may have to tap on the same thing each day for weeks, or it might change as different layers of the issue are uncovered. Be persistent.
4. It helps to practice the Law of Attraction i.e. believe and expect that you will achieve those goals.
Visualize yourself being, doing or having those things. Spend time every day focusing on what you intend to achieve.
Do EFT on any ‘yes buts’ or disbelief that comes up when focusing on your resolutions/goals e.g. “Even though it’s not possible for me to xxxx because xxx I deeply and completely accept myself.”
If it is not working for you seek the help of a more advanced practitioner. New Year’s resolutions are goals that take you towards who you want to be and where you want to be in life. EFT will help you get there.

Network Marketers Business Help

A little background on me, first. I’ve been in network marketing companies for almost 15 years now myself. I’ve attended the huge national conventions, up-line meetings, and countless webinars. I’ve done the “warm market”, the cold calling, follow-ups, group presentations, rank advanced, grown my down-line, you name it.

I’m working now as a coach, using EFT, with many direct sellers, network marketers, and MLM business owners, for companies like Avon, Mary Kay, USANA, Young Living, Send Out Cards, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc.

The most recent client had excellent results and is delighted with the whole idea of using EFT to further her business success. We worked via phone, as she is in a different country than me, and she didn’t have Skype w/video.

Her presenting issue was “Goal Setting”. She just couldn’t get herself to do any more in that area than write down the goals, then file away the list as soon as possible, never to look at it again. When we started our first session her 0-10 SUDS level was at a 9+. She was very worked up just thinking about the topic of business goals. We did several rounds about setting goals, where that came from in her past, why she felt physically sick just thinking about it. She said “I just stop myself”. Her emotions were hopeless, helpless, anger, and frustration.

We came to a core belief of “I’m just not good enough”. Both parents would say they were “sick of…..”. No wonder she felt sick when looking at achieving big things. The pit of her stomach was where she held all these emotions. She said that she didn’t want to accept and honor herself, and was sick of how she behaved.

When we got done with all the rounds and testing she was at a very happy 0! She said she felt good and was going to go for the rewards now. Her one reservation was that she might not have this hold for the future. We set a follow-up session for the next week.

At the second session she announced right away that she could calmly look at setting her business goals, and start taking action. We spent much of the second session dealing with the nagging feeling of “This won’t hold.” Another thing that came up was that she felt she didn’t deserve to achieve her business goals and be a success. Other people would notice her and she would stand out (a bad thing). Delving into her very youngest years, she could see where all this had been put into place, and was able to release the hold it had on her now.

In her words, she ended this session with feeling light and delightful. Her voice was up-beat and very positive. She checked in with me a few days later to say she had signed up a new person in her business and that signing event was the reward she had been looking for!

I’m confident her business will grow and she will continue to use EFT to overcome new challenges.


Helping Those Affected by the Tragic Shooting in Connecticut – Rob Nelson guest blog post

Please join me in tapping for the survivors and families, and for all those affected by this violence.
We are all connected. At this time our collective consciousness has been galvanized by the shock and horror of someone shooting little children in a school. You and I are part of this collective and have the power, especially at a time like this, to send out healing intentions and energy.

Let’s take just a few minutes to tap for those affected (if you’d rather not tap, please do scroll down to see the picture and quote at the bottom of this email)

The tapping script below is based on my own spiritual beliefs and may or may not work for you. Choose your own words if you’d rather. The important thing is our intention. Send your words out into the collective mind.

On the karate chop point:
Even though you are overwhelmed by shock and horror, all those innocent children murdered, all the terrible suffering of the families and loved ones, their souls are safe and held in love.

Even though you are suffering from this senseless violence and tragedy, and the world feels so unsafe, and nothing will ever be right again, there is a deeper reality of beauty and peace and meaning waiting for all of us.

Tapping on the points:
This terrible darkness
this overwhelming horror
this senseless violence
how could anyone do such a thing?
those poor children
the poor families left to deal with this
how can they live through this?
how can they bear this pain?
I choose to send them what comfort and healing I can
all this suffering
all this shock
this horror
there’s no way to deal with this
It’s too big
how can this happen?
it’s so unfair
those children were so little
they never did anything wrong
they’ll never have a chance to grow up
all this grief
all of this grief
all these deaths
they’re all dead and it’s so unfair
it doesn’t make any sense
so random
nothing feels safe
nowhere feels safe
all of this fear and dread
this terrible fear
how can anyone ever feel safe again?
But the soul doesn’t die
the soul can never be harmed
their lives were cut short but the soul lives on
and we will meet again
But it was so wrong
so horribly wrong
no one has the right to kill a child
all of this anger
all of this rage
it makes no sense
he must have been insane
and he’s dead
he can’t be punished
he can’t be questioned
why was he allowed to have guns?
how could he just walk in to a school and open fire?
all of this anger and rage
it’s so wrong and so unfair
and there’s no way to make this right
it makes no sense
and all of those children are dead
and it’s all so meaningless and wrong
but there is a deeper reality
and there may be lessons learned that we can’t see
and for the soul it may not seem so real
and I choose to open my heart to peace
I choose to release this anger
I choose to let go of this darkness
I choose to send those children love
I choose to send those families love and whatever peace they can receive.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.” – Mr. Rogers

Rob Nelson, MS


Thank you Rob for sharing this with all of us! Carol Smith

Nine Years of Neck Pain Gone in Ten Minutes – Rob Nelson guest post

For many years I had a massage therapy practice, and every so often I still see a few of my old clients. 

“Judy” had been coming to me for about nine years.  She had been injured doing assembly work in a factory, and every few months her neck and shoulders would get so tight she’d end up with terrible headaches.  When the pain was too intense she’d come to me for massage and that would usually do the trick for about six weeks or so.

One day Judy showed up for a massage in just terrible shape.  Her neck was so stiff she couldn’t even turn her head from side to side—she had to move her whole torso.  Her pain was about a 9 out of 10.  She was in such distress I decided we should try some tapping before the massage.  I had no idea whether it would really help—she’d once told me about seeing the damage to her neck on x-rays, but I knew we should try it.

I had Judy tap on her karate chop point and repeat: “Even though I have this neck pain, I deeply and completely accept myself”.  I had her say this three times, then we went through the full basic recipe, with the 9 gamut and all, using “this neck pain” as the reminder phrase.  Her pain level dropped pretty quickly down to a 6 or 7.  That got her attention!

We followed up with “Even though I still have some of this neck pain” with the reminder phrase “this remaining neck pain”.  This dropped the pain level down to about a 4, then another round got it down to a 3.  At this point progress seemed to stall, so I asked if she thought there was an emotional contributor to the pain.  Judy didn’t blink an eye “Oh yes!” she said, “anger!”. 

So next we tapped on:
“Even though this pain has kept me from living the life I wanted to live.”
“Even though I’m angry at my supervisor for not protecting me.”
“Even though I’m angry at the company for trying to deny my disability claim”
“Even though I’m totally sick of this pain and angry it won’t get better”
“Even though I’m angry at my body”.

After a few rounds of this, her pain was down to zero. Judy was astonished! She began moving her head from side to side, cautiously at first but then swinging it all around wildly.  I found this quite alarming, but Judy was ecstatic—pain free for the first time in years. 

I had been watching the clock and in just ten minutes we’d accomplished far more than 75 minutes of intensive massage therapy.  This was one of those genuine “ten minute miracles” EFT is famous for.  They certainly don’t happen every time, or even all that often.  And expecting instant results can lead to disappointment and giving up, when sometimes persistence is vital.  But they really do happen sometimes, and it’s a wonderful experience.

I told Judy that I didn’t know if we’d solved the problem forever, but if it came back then she’d be able to tap on the pain as soon as it was noticeable, and before it got very bad. She loved the idea of being in control of the situation, after so many years of feeling victimized by the injury.

I saw Judy one last time, about four months later.  She called for a massage and I assumed her neck had started hurting again, but she said no—it was just a little tension in her lower back from doing yoga.  I think she’d almost forgotten she’d had a chronic neck problem for most of a decade.

So this is how I lost a regular massage client to EFT, but I’m not complaining!  It’s an incredible joy to see someone heal like that.  I’m so grateful to Gary Craig and all my teachers for this wonderful healing miracle.


Rob Nelson, www.tappingthematrix.com


Working with a Certified EFT Practitioner can pay off in a very big way!

Carol Smith –  Tapping Navigator Success Coach

Who Is The Problem Person In Your Present or Past?

If you are willing, and up for a challenge …
Think of someone you have unpleasant reactions to when you think of them.

How would you like to eliminate that negative reaction?

You do know that you actually do think of them, probably often, whether you intend to or not, right?

As long as there’s an emotional charge on them they will reappear in your thoughts and feelings. 

So changing that reaction would be a nice change, and definitely possible!  Maybe more than nice.

And you can. Easily and quickly. I know you may have reservations, but keep reading.

Your reaction might become just neutral. Then you probably really won’t think of them.

That would be perfect for the dreaded ex(whatever). The one where you think “What was I thinking?”

If you’re still connected to the person and want to be, your connection can be better, unburdened by past impressions.

Their positive qualities become much more visible as the ones you don’t like fade from view.

That person could be a parent, child, sibling or other family member.
It could be a past partner, spouse, boss or any other person.
If you want to disconnect, this will make it easier and less confusing.

Maybe you’re getting divorced, or breaking up, and it’s hard.
Maybe you can’t get over someone.

Maybe you’re heartbroken or stuck. Or full of a lot of unfinished business.

Or maybe you don’t know how you feel but you are certainly feeling something. 
It could even be a current partner or spouse. You may really love them.
But frustrations or disappointments build up. These interfere with your connection.
If the person you’re thinking of brings up in you a disturbed or upset feeling…,
   … if you want to pull back or close down when you think of them …
   … or if any sort of unwelcome or painful feeling comes up…
   … that’s what you can let go of. Really.
Imagine thinking of them and it’s OK.

Who comes to mind for you now?

You may feel simply neutral, or you may have peace and release of your energy and feelings, or your positive feelings may be stronger. 

This is just the type of thing that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or tapping as some call it, can help.  Working with a Certified Practitioner will get you the quickest possible results.  This can be done in a group EFT session, or more quickly in private sessions.

We never need to hear the details of issues to clear them.

Are you worth it?  Wouldn’t this be a great gift to give yourself?

Lets connect and see what would work for you.

EFT Helps Desert Storm Vet with PTSD

EFT Helps Desert Storm Vet with PTSD

Dear EFT Community,

Carol Smith, EFT INT-1 shares her experience working with a Veteran of Desert Storm and his PTSD and how his healing was effecting all areas of his life and how getting healthier can impact the other people in our lives.

-Stephanie M

By Carol Smith, EFT INT-1

Today I finished my 6th session with my second Vet!

He was an ideal student and very eager to learn and heal. He is a Desert Storm Vet, lets call him “Jim.”

Here is some background.

Jim said on our first visit that he was very tired of being on all the medications that the VA was prescribing. Fifteen different prescriptions all at the same time! He said that he just wanted to get his life back.

He said his whole family was dysfunctional due to the PTSD issue, and that his wife was suffering from the same PTSD, migraines, insomnia, and other similar issues that he has. Jim was a very attentive client and most eager to try this new EFT modality just in case it would help him.

He has been in the VA “talk therapy” for years, and still attends weekly support meetings that focus on PTSD. He said that most of the people that attend these meetings just show up, but never improve or change for the better.

Each week during our sessions he did his homework tapping, and picked up EFT very quickly. With each session he usually had a starting SUDS rate of 8 to 10+ on the issue we would be working on. By the end of every session his SUDS was at a zero.

I always pushed him a little at the end, just to verify the SUDS and see if there were any additional aspects of the issue that we had not totally collapsed.


Jim said that this was the first time in many years that he felt able to go out hunting for game (solo) and be OK with it. He was so thrilled that he could do that now. This was an aspect on one of our sessions.

And, he did say that he had to stop and tap during the outing to go on, but once he did all was well.

Jim said that his healing from our six sessions was rocking the boat at home, and we talked about him getting healthier and how that can threaten other people that don’t know what to do with the changes for the better, or tapping for anything other than his own issues.

Jim wanted to be “normal” again and I could see he was well on his way.

I’m looking forward to the 3 month and 6 month followups with Jim to see how the EFT training has held for him.


Free help for vets at www.stressproject.org  or connect with me at carol@tappingnavigator.com