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One of the things that makes EFT so exciting to me is that we can change our subconscious ‘core beliefs’ that so heavily influence (or wreak havoc on) our daily lives. These beliefs can be very powerful, even though we may be completely unaware of them, sabotaging our efforts to change our lives for the better.
This morning I came across a brilliant explanation of Core Beliefs by EFT practitioner Mary Jones of the UK. Her writing is clear, concise and thorough. Check it out here: Core Belief Change

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Lessen your Doubt – blog by Michael J. Losier

You’ve heard the expression “Just believe it and it will come.” When we believe that we can “have it,” that means we have no doubt in receiving it. The challenge, however, is removing the doubt that is stopping us from believing.

When you remove the doubt, you are now Allowing — Allowing it to come to you. Allowing means you have no negative vibes that are cancelling the positive vibes of your desire. Remember, Law of Attraction is matching your vibration. Is your vibration one of doubt or belief?

Understanding this concept makes using the Law of Attraction to deliberately attract more of what you want much easier.

The three-step formula for Deliberate Attraction is: (1) Identify Desire, (2) Raise the Vibration (feeling), and (3) Allow.

Many of us are very good at the first two steps, coming up with the desire and getting excited about it, but the third step is harder. In fact, the Allowing step is the step that needs the most attention. The thing to keep in mind is that your desire can come to you very quickly, providing you have no doubt in receiving it. So removing or lessening your doubt, a process called “Allowing,” is key.

The allowing of your desire can happen very quickly, providing you have no doubt in receiving it.
Doubt = Negative Vibration

Negative Vibration dilutes the Positive Vibration of your desire.

Tools for Allowing (removing doubt)

Ask yourself this question:

“Is there anyone on the planet who is doing or having what I desire?”

If so, then you now know it is possible. Continue building statements in your mind or on paper that tell you your desire is possible. Here are examples of “Allowing” statements made by a businessperson who wants to attract his or her ideal client:

“Thousands of businesses are attracting their ideal clients right now, and right now, and right now.”

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to businesses today, yesterday and will be paid again tomorrow.”

“Millions and millions of dollars will be earned by business owners today.”

When using the formula for Deliberate Attraction, spend most of your time “Allowing” as it determines how quickly your desires will come to you.


And when it feels possible, you have removed doubt.

And when you remove the doubt, the Law of Attraction can bring your desires to you.

Remember, when using the formula for Deliberate Attraction, focus on “Allowing,” as it determines how quickly, or slowly, your desires will come to you.


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Gratitude – How often are you practicing this one?

OK, I know, an article about Gratitude within a week of Thanksgiving….of course its now, right?

We can never overload on gratitude.  That feeling we have when we are mentally listing off all the things that we are grateful for is what brings more good things to us.  It is a very specific part of the Law of Attraction.   You know the one.  Whatever you are focusing on expands and you get more of it.  Either positive or negative. 

One of my favorite sayings is “Thoughts become things….choose the good ones!”.  I’m not sure who started that thread, but it is so simple and powerful at the same time.

What is it you are focusing on?  Is it all those bills that keep coming in the mail?  Or are you focusing on all the services you received through out the month that created those bills?  Big difference in the feelings it creates isn’t it.

When you realize all the benefits an attitude of gratitude offers us in body, mind, and spirit, it’s interesting that we don’t do it more often.

With all that has taken place lately in areas like politics and weather disasters it can be a challenge to keep the focus we want on all things positive, but it is so worth the effort!  Its just a daily opportunity to help ourselves feel genuinely good.

And feeling good definitely leads to opening the doors for more good to come our way.

I’m grateful that you read this post and may benefit from the “gratitude reminder”.

What are you grateful for, right now?

EFT – tapping, tv and the toilet – post by Natalie Hill

You are probably wondering how the heck I’m going to tie
tapping, tv and the toilet together.
I’m talking about times and ways you can easily incorporate
tapping into your life of course!
For any great technique to stick, we need to make doing it easy. 
We need to find times to do it, that won’t feel like a hassle or a
Here are some times that you can do EFT, while you’re doing
something else, so it won’t add an additional task on your To Do
Times to Do EFT
1.  When watching TV – especially if the show is upsetting or
scary.  The news often fits these criteria!
Simply watch and tap.
What will this do? 
You’re upset because what you’re watching has triggered
something inside you.  Tapping when you feel that upsetting
emotion signals your mind and body to release the stress
response – the fight or flight response.
That allows you to witness something you don’t like, but stay in a
resourceful state.
In other words, you’ll become more happy, peaceful and able to act
in a helpful way – in your life. 
2.  Toilet? 
You may find that while sitting in the toilet, you can easily tap a
few rounds of EFT. 
If that won’t work for you, what is a time when you’re alone, with
not much going on, and you can tune in and tap?
You only need a couple moments. 
Make the tapping simple.  Here’s an easy script:
While tapping on the karate chop, repeat three times:
Even though I’m feeling _____ about _____, I accept myself and
my feelings.
Eyebrow:  I feel _____.
Side of Eye:  I’m feeling _____.
Under Eye:  This _____ feeling.
Under Nose:  I feel it in my body.
Chin:  This ____ feeling.
Collarbone:  I feel this because _____.
Under Arm:  What if I could begin to let this go?
Top of Head:   What if I could feel ___ instead?
Tap as many rounds as you want, adjusting the words to fit your
feelings and needs.
Now you’ve got a couple of additional ideas of how you can
easily incorporate tapping into your life.
To a happier, more energized you!

People From Your Past & How EFT Can Help

How You Can Neutralize Someone From Your Past

Is there someone in your past who, when you remember them, you feel pain? Or upset or angry?

It could be an ex-partner or someone who rejected you. This might show up as a broken heart, disappointment, anger or a feeling of being not good enough.

One or more parents or siblings?

Was someone mean to you? Or worse than mean?

Everyone has memories of events or people who did them harm.

You can learn how to neutralize them.

Neutralize the memories of specific events. Neutralize the whole way a person is present in your memory, so there is no more pain.

You’ll still know what happened but the intensity of the memory will go down, even to zero.
You don’t have to reveal anything in public, or to anyone, ever.
Doing this eliminates the ongoing subtle stress these painful impressions create in your system.
This is what I mean by eliminating someone – eliminating their effect on you.
By learning this simple, subtle, powerful way to literally change how those memories are stored in your brain, EFT does incredible things for you.
You may not need to hide from or stuff the pain any more because it won’t be there.
It won’t clear up your whole life but it will be a start and you’ll know how to do more if you want.
Give yourself this gift of peace.

Holiday Special Possibilities:
If upcoming family gatherings fill you with dread, this is good preparation for being around that “special someone” you cannot stand.
Do your own self-work with EFT, or connect with a Certified Practitioner to clear the old baggage before the holiday get-togethers!


EFT Hints & Tips



  • In general- the more intense the reaction, the better and faster EFT works. Before tapping, you should increase your stress level.
  • Try to maintain focus on a specific memory or thought.

    • Locate where (in your body) that you feel the negative emotion (e.g., pressure in your chest or heaviness in the pit of your stomach)
    • Determine its intensity (SUDS Level). A high SUDS initially (8-10) provides a better gauge for comparison than a low SUDS.
    • Tap until SUDS is reduced to a low level (0-2), changing words and/or focus as necessary.
  • Follow the process:
    • Repeat the same phrase at each tapping point.
    • Stop, evaluate, and ask “what changed?”
    • From the answer, determine what to tap on next.
    • Watch for clues; changes in facial expression or voice will often reflect a shift in emotional state.
    • Continue tapping until the stress response is gone.
    • If possible, test results. With a phobia, expose to the item. With a memory, repeat “the story.”
    • Sudden memories are relevant. When tapping, intuition is enhanced.

  • If you begin with an intense emotion, EFT is effective. After tapping ask, “what changed?”The answer tells you what to tap on next. Continue to adjust your focus and tap until you feel calm.
  • Tapping on a positive statement is effective only if it produces a stress response or negative charge. A person who has been feeling depressed, for example, may feel anger, frustration, resentment, or sadness toward the words, “I am sooo happy!”
  • In general, words used in a tapping phrase are not important. Their purpose is to keep the focus on the emotion or feeling. An exception is when the words themselves have a charge. A person’s name, hurtful comments, negative self-talk- anything that increases your stress level can be a good tapping phrase.
  • If you cannot identify the location in your body where you feel the negative emotion:
    • Exaggerate your situation; imagine the worst-case scenario.
    • Talk out loud and exaggerate your words; swear, if necessary, to increase your emotional state.
  • You may want to begin with a sad memory. For most people, sadness is easily identified because their eyes tear up.


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Language Barrier – Guest Post by Rob Nelson

Language Barrier

On Sunday I had a client with a very lovely Russian accent.  We began doing some Matrix Reimprinting work with a difficult memory and everything seemed to be going well until it was time to ask her echo (younger split off self) what she was feeling.  My client got no response.  Very unusual!
We tried working with some of the other people in the scene and again…no response.  Hmmmm.  Everything else seemed to be working.  She was able to see them clearly and tap on them. 
When we went to an earlier memory, when her echo was only four years old, my client suddenly realized “Oh!  She doesn’t understand me because I’m speaking English!  She only speaks Russian!”
I had heard of this happening but had forgotten, in part because my client’s English was really good.  Once she switched to Russian we were very successful!
The very next day I was working with a Polish woman and knew enough to have her speak Polish to her younger selves.  I just thought that was fascinating!

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