That 500 lb. Phone

Are you in direct sales, MLM, business opportunity type work?  Do you still have to deal with that 500 lb. phone? 

You know the one.  Its the phone that you have to use to make those cold calls or prospecting contacts, or follow-up calls that should happen within a day or two at the most from when you got a lead to give additioinal information to on your business opportunity.

Boy, can that phone ever get heavy!  All the upline pep talks in the world aren’t going to give you lasting relief for the fear or anxiety you get when you know you “should” be making those calls.  Do you get tongue tied or have a sort of phone stage freight?  How will you ever advance your business to the next level if you don’t make those calls?

A real key for my clients is to have a session of figuring out where that fear and/or anxiety is actually originating from.  Where did it start?  Who was involved?   How did you learn that it wasn’t ok to get some rejection along the way?

Thats were Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping as many call it comes in.  In a very short time we can get to the heart of the issue and collapse the road blocks that have gotten in the way of your success.  Your subconscious knows exactly what they are, but you may have no conscious awareness of the core issues at all.

In the EFT world, they say to “try it on everything!”  It usually works on just about everything.  Sometimes in one session, sometimes in several.  But, its not that on-going appointments with a traditional talk therapist while watching your wallet deflate.

If you, a team member, or a motivated down-liner need that extra help in getting free of this issue, contact me and we can work together to get you back on track!  I work locally, but most of my clients connect with me for sessions via phone, Skype, or Skype with video.