My Intro to EFT – by Tom Porpiglia – (blogged)

My first introduction to EFT was from a magazine ad that was so vague I could not make heads or tails out of what it was saying, and quite honestly, I was skeptical. I understood a thought field from the ad and the rest was not making sense at all. As I look back at all of this, I realize that I was led to EFT. Unfortunately, because of the way it was originally presented, I had to get hit up side the head with the proverbial 2X4 to get my attention. Things have changed immensely since then.

Let’s rewind to 1992. The Gulf War was being waged, and much of my repressed fear and experiences of Vietnam were flying in my face. I was not in combat, and non-the-less, it was a terrifying trip for me. I was doing the usual talk therapy with some experiential group work mixed in, and while I made progress, something inside of me said there had to be a better way. Little did I realize that inner voice had put me on a quest to find the better way.

Now we fast forward to August 1997, and my first Transactional Analysis (TA) Conference. A man from Colorado offered to do a “mini-presentation” on this “tapping techniuqe.” He spent no more than 15 minutes on it, told us how to formulate the phrase, and the points to tap on and that was it. No demonstration, no real teaching. I took some notes, played with it a bit that night and unconsciously dismissed it.

Six months later, I find myself on the Island of Jamaica at the winter TA gathering, and Jon is there. He does the same mini-presentation and later in the conference, we all go snorkling. The event was arranged by none other than me!

Now, in order to really appreciate what I am about to tell you, one must understand that I am not a good swimmer, even with a life jacket on. We were not in calm water, and I would not consider the water dangerous either. There were gently rolling waves. I was a little scared, and not scared enough to abort the adventure. Unfortunately, the water was at the temperature where your body starts to breath strangely, and fighting the waves wore me out. Eventually, I rolled over and signaled that I needed help. The young boat captain swam out to me and got me back on the boat.

As I settled on the boat, I started sobbing in terror and as I sobbed, two voices asked if they could tap on me. I readily agreeded, and Jon and his wife start tapping on me and saying phrases. What happened next was very profound and amazing. I felt energy rushing “out of” my body, just like flushing the toilet, and the terror subsided, albiet momentarily. Two more rounds of tapping and the terror was not to be found.

Needless to say, the rest is history. Upon my return home, I located the web site, took the training, and transformed my practice from a purely traditional therapy model to one that incorporates all of the techiniques I have learned to identify the issue, and then apply EFT, and I relish every moment of the transition.

EFT changed my life, and has changed the lives of all of my clients who have embraced this new technology. I invite you to give it a try. Find out for your self. Bring your skeptic. I welcome it!


What has frozen you in fear in the past?  Lets deal with it and get your life moving again!  Carol

Self-Compassion Fosters Mental Health – Scientific American article

A great article for those of us that are self-employed and maybe let the self-care slip a bit:

Research shows how to reap the benefits of self-compassion

By Marina Krakovsky


Image: GROVE PASHLEY Getty Images

Being kind to yourself is a surefire way to improve your mental health and reach your goals, a growing body of work suggests. Now research has revealed an easy way to boost this self-compassion—by showing kindness to others.

Self-compassion is distinct from self-esteem, a trait that can shade into narcissism. Nor should it be confused with self-pity or self-indulgence. “Self-compassion is treating yourself with the same kindness and care you’d treat a friend,” says Kristin Neff, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and the leading researcher in the growing field of self-compassion. People who are self-compassionate avoid harsh cri-tiques or negative generalizations of themselves, and they see their troubles as part of the human condition.

Research is showing that this gentle, nonjudgmental approach helps individuals bounce back even after major crises. For example, in a study in press at Psychological Science, scientists found that newly divorced people who spoke compassionately toward themselves adjusted significantly better in the following 10 months than those who spoke more harshly, with self-compassion outperforming self-esteem and even optimism as a predictor of good coping.

Contrary to what many people think, treating yourself kindly is also good for achieving your goals. “People believe that self-criticism helps to motivate them,” Neff says. Those low in self-compassion think that unless they are hard on themselves, they will not amount to much—but research reveals that being kind to yourself does not lower your standards. “With self-compassion, you reach just as high, but if you don’t reach your goals it’s okay because your sense of self-worth isn’t contingent on success,” she explains.

All of that is good news for the naturally self-compassionate, but what about the half of the population who tend to beat themselves up? Luckily, mounting research shows that you can cultivate your self-compassion through meditation and even simpler techniques. For example, pressing your hand against your heart or hiding this gesture in “a surreptitious hug” can give your self-compassion a momentary boost, Neff says.

A recent study at the University of California, Berkeley, suggests an even more surprising way to heighten self-compassion: acting compassionately toward others. In a presentation in January at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference, researchers Juliana Breines and Serena Chen described a set of experiments in which they asked one group of participants to give support to another person, such as writing down suggestions to make a friend feel better after causing a fender bender. Those in the support-giving condition went on to rate themselves higher in compassion for themselves than did participants who had been asked either to recall a fun time with a friend or to merely read about the suffering of others.

“There was a unique benefit to giving support—the benefit wasn’t just from feeling connected or realizing that others had problems, too,” explains Breines, a doctoral candidate in psychology and the study’s lead author. During tough times, people naturally tend to focus on themselves and find it difficult to support others, she says. “But actually, as many people intuitively discover, taking the opportunity to support other people can make you feel better about what you’re going through.”


If you are having personal challenges to better self-care, I can help you with that!

Lets talk. – Carol – Tapping Navigator Success Coach

America Has a Solution to PTSD Right Now – The Veterans Stress Project

Here are some bullet points on research that has already been done, showing the incredible positive effects that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  has in treating PTSD:

“I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results.”Eric Robins, MD, Kaiser Permanente

“A projection of these clinically and statistically significant results onto the U.S.economy suggests that the country would save at least $65 billion annually.” Dawson Church, PhD

“EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health, and behavior.”  Bruce Lipton, PhD

“One of my bad Vietnam war memories involved an enemy attack where I had to

pull bodies out of the rubble. After EFT, I can think of the same incident with little

or no intensity. It is no longer part of my dreams. That’s a kind of freedom I never thought I would have.”  Bob Culver, Vietnam Veteran

“Take a look at EFT and other such innovative approaches for the treatment of service members and veterans dealing with PTSD.”  Carl Levin, D-MI, Chair, Senate Armed Services Committee

Soul Medicine Institute Research has Produced Remarkable Breakthroughs

1. 86% of veterans with clinical PTSD are rehabilitated (permanently sub-clinical) after EFT (p < .0001)

2. Pain diminishes by an average of 68% with EFT (p < .001)

3. EFT affects the human body as an epigenetic intervention, changing the hormonal, nervous, immune, and neurotransmitter systems

4. Depression, anxiety, cravings, and other psychological problems diminish drastically after a brief course of EFT

5. When delivered to groups of people, online, or by telephone, EFT is effective

6. EP provides fast and effective trauma relief in natural and human-caused disasters

7. The positive results of EP treatment persist over time 

8. EP  (Energy Psychology) can save the US economy $65 billion/year

All above points are documented with research.  If you would like the particulars let me know and I will send you the entire 5 page document from The Soul Medicine Institute.

Who do you know that is suffering from PTSD, or other stress and anxiety issues?

I work as a Coach with the Veterans Stress Project (, and also help private clients.


College and Depression Series (Part 1)

Great information for any of us with family in college and especially those doing direct selling businesses or MLM to go with it!  This comes from the ACEP EP blog.  A group of energy psychology people out of the UK:

Here are some stark stats from the American College Health Association’s 2011 National College Health Assessment[1] of more than 27,000 students from 44 different colleges. These percentages represent the number of students who felt these issues at least once during the 12 months prior to the study being done:

–          86.1% of students felt they were overwhelmed by all they had to do

–          45.2% of students felt things were hopeless

–          30.3% “felt so depressed it was difficult to function”

–          About 50% “felt overwhelming anxiety”

–          6.6% “seriously considered suicide”

–          5.2% “intentionally cut, burned, bruised, or other injured” themselves

–          1.1% attempted suicide

These staggering numbers are not likely going to improve any time soon, either, as students continue to pay more for college and often feel like they do not have much to show for it. One of the biggest concerns on top of the level of suffering students are experiencing is that colleges often do not have enough counselors to properly help them.

This article on schools in Wisconsin tells a story that is common around the country. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee only has “one counselor of every 4,300 students”. That is not even close to being acceptable. One person is not capable of properly helping that many students.

The International Association of Counseling Services recommends that there is one full-time counselor for every 1,000-1,500 students. Even that is not nearly enough. Students need to feel that someone can help them right away when they need it, and that is not the case on most college campuses.



If you have family that may be struggling with depression, do give me a call or shoot me an email if you are interested in clearing this issue, piece-by-piece.     Carol


Feeling Burned by on-line Business Opportunities?

Are you someone that was burned by an online business opportunity?  Maybe someone you know shelled out their hard earned money to be a part of the latest whiz-bang opportunity. 

“It was just too good to pass up.  I need to get in on the grownd floor NOW!”

Sound familiar?

It seems like some companies are in the spotlight right now.  The government is investigating them, or has already shut them down.

So where does that leave you and your now vanished cash?  Are you having to listen to the “I warned you” or are you the one doing damage control for a friend or family member over this “opportunity”?

I can’t help get that cash back, but I sure can help with all the emotion and negative feelings that are getting stuck in your body right now.  When bad things happen to us and we don’t deal with them completely, the energy from that experience actually increases the cortisol in our bodies to dangerous levels.  Thats the “stress hormone”.   It will stay stuck at high levels till you clear out the “garbage” from this type of experience.

I work with a lot of direct selling people that have had many bad, and some really aweful experiences with less than reputible companies promising fast cash and ever increasing fortunes.

Connect with me for a session to clear out the garbage.  Don’t keep hauling it with you in your subconscious mind.  It is toxic.  You are worth a fresh start and a positive perspective.  That is what I can offer. 


EFT Certified Practitioner & Success Coach

Wipe out Complaining!

Another fine article blogged by Margaret Lynch:

Complaining is both universally used and detested by pretty much everyone.  

Nobody likes to hear it, but we all do it in our own unique way AND there is one universal truth about complaining. 

While you are doing it, you feel really, REALLY justified! 

I know I do!

Yes, complaining does have a dark and pretty aweful downside and that is why everyone (and every guru) will tell you to ZIP IT and stop complaining. 

I totally understand why.

But Tapping has the strange ability to let us go into and examine even really negative emotions and behaviors in a way that creates great transformation and higher levels
of consciousness. 

Yes, it is THAT powerful!

So I am going to shine a new little light on complaining, even at the risk of being misunderstood, and even give you a complaining exercise to try on purpose.

First you have to understand why we complain. 

Complaining is always tied to something that felt or still feels unfair, like a “slight” that triggered some anger or resentment. 

But that unfairness and accompanying annoyance gets stuck because there is often no one to really direct it at, it just never gets validated and there seems to be no way
to set things right.  Plus these things are often subtle to start and can feel like an imbalance in work or relationship or luck that snowballs into real unfairness.

So the things we complain about often feel like an overwhelming pattern…the same dang thing! 

When we can’t get empowered energy gets stuck and sometimes leaks out as complaining.

This gets worse when we have unconscious vows to be perfectly giving or perfect in any way because it means we can’t speak up when the little imbalances that turn into unfair situations start happening.

Knowing this we can try a radical approach and use tapping to voice complaining as a pathway to being heard  and validated (by ourselves first) , clear out the anger and resentment and move to the energy of empowerment.

This is why I highly recommend that when you feel complaining happening:  

Start tapping and be present with it. 

Pretend you are your own MOST sympathetic friend nodding and agreeing, and really let the complaining fly. 

WOW,  will that feel fabulous and you will notice how right and justified you feel!

Just like anger, you can add in the words “this feels so unfair, I was wronged!”  and let that energy rise and move up and out of your system and your mouth!  

When it does, there is something, some gift, some inspiration, some action (and a lot of relief) on the other side of it! 

Say it, once and for all and let it be heard and validated, then you can watch for the gift.

I have had my biggest breakthroughs when I started doing this! 

Before, when I felt complaining rising up, it felt so negative and bad for the law of attraction, that I smartly pushed it aside and renewed my efforts to keep going and stay positive. 

Yes, I felt very smart and self-disciplined about it!

This can let loose what felt like years of stuck complaining annoyance,
frustration and stuck-ness!  And when I was done…I had changed. 

Everything changed. 

I had a new sense of resolve of what I really wanted and I was very VERY clear about my stuck-ness and how frustrated it made me. 

I could clearly see that there were areas in my mission and money  where I felt stuck because I was afraid and was needing to change and grow. 

I could feel very clearly that I had to let go of something…the old way of playing small and step up big time….and I had not wanted to.

My loud complaining brought me to an incredibly important turning point and decision. 

I was still afraid and found a lump of sadness about letting go of the old ways…but I could not go back. 

I HAD to move forward as moments of consciousness like are like a genie that can’t be put “back in the bottle”. 

They are just too powerful!

And I got there…by complaining with tapping. 

Maybe I should call it tap-plaining.

So, are you ready for a moment of consciousness? 

Try it! 

I promise tapping makes it productive instead of destructive and see where it brings you..


If you are needing help with tapping, just book a session and be ready for a big shift!


EFT in 5 Minutes or Less

This is a great/short video clip on words to use with EFT:

Today we share a video with you from Jaquie Crooks who is very
experienced with EFT and one of many EFT masters who have created
videos for us.
This is part of the “EFT in 5 Minutes or Less” series and covers
the topic of how we find the right words to use when tapping.

How do I find the right words to use with EFT?

Jaqui Crooks

Finding the right words to use when using EFT tapping is not always easy.

Jaqui explains how we can become stuck by thinking to much about the right words and shares with us what to do to become free of this problem when tapping.

It shows how to tune into the body’s feelings and the words we are already using to get good results with the tapping sessions we do.

A What if Challenge!

 Some thoughts on tapping via Brad Yates (Success Beyond Belief – website): 

The majority of you are primarily here because you enjoy the benefits of tapping. 
So… have you tapped today…?
And, if not, why not…?
There are so many things we know we could do on a daily basis – things that we know could enhance our well-being in various areas of life – and yet we sometimes barely do them on a monthly basis.
What if we did them regularly?
What if we exercised regularly?
What if we managed our finances regularly?
What if we tapped regularly…?
What would life be like if we committed to doing these well-being-enhancing practices much more regularly…?
Hopefully by now you are past the idea that tapping is just a first-aid tool to be used when you are distressed… an emotional pain reliever… not something you would ever use unless you really needed it.
If so, you are missing out… 😉
There are so many ways that EFT can help you make positive changes… making things better that might already seem like they are pretty darn good.
So… what if you tapped daily, and allowed things to get even better…?
Many’s the time I start my day thinking, “Ehh… I don’t need to tap… I’m feeling pretty good already.”  And, I’m often pretty much right.
But… on the days where I decide to tap anyway… wow!  What a difference it makes!  I’m clearer, more focused, more motivated, more in the flow… things just seem easier.  It may not always be a huge shift – sometimes it’s more subtle – but it’s always noticeable, and I’m always very glad I did it.
And, it can take only a few minutes.  Even if you used one of my videos, most are only 5 to 10 minutes.  I know that there are days when even that seems like a MAJOR time commitment… couldn’t POSSIBLY be squeezed in…!  But every time I do it, I know the return on my investment is huge.  That 10 minute exercise can sometimes help me save hours.
So… here’s my challenge…
For the next week, do some tapping each morning.  It could be first thing upon waking, or maybe right after breakfast, or when you first get into the office.  If at all possible, do it somewhere at the start of your day.
You can do a round of your own…….

And my expectation is that as you do it, you will find yourself improving in a number of different ways… and thus sharing yourself with the world in greater ways.
The gauntlet has been tossed – I hope you will consider that it will truly benefit you – and countless others – to pick it up. 🙂


If you need help getting started, or would like a private session….just connect with me.  Its that easy!

In Your Ideal Office?

Meeting clients in a wonderful open air park for a private session is about as good at it gets as an EFT practitioner!  Thats what I was doing today.  Just arranged to meet my clients at a beautiful park on a hill on the outskirts of town.  All that is needed is a shady and quiet area and comfortable picnic table and bench with a big shade tree overhead.

Besides the benefits that tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques) has for the client and myself, a great summer “out in nature” office is delightful to take advantage of.

Thats one of the great bonuses of being self-employed, an entrepreneur, a solopreneur.  As a Certified EFT Practitioner I don’t need any technology to support the private sessions, just a notepad and lots of experience.

What is it for you that gives you the freedom to create YOUR ideal office?  Where do you work that is the most supportive and affordable?  These are just some of the things to consider when choosing a new career or adding an additional income stream.

When you close your eyes and envision your ideal work space, what is there?  How big is the space, what colors are the walls, what furnishings work the best for you, is there a window with an incredible view?  Let me know whats working for you as an ideal office!

Women’s Health to Tap Into!

This just in from Women’s Health Magazine, using EFT for health and more:

Are you facing a particularly stubborn physical or emotional challenge?  EFT is a very effective tool to find relief and help get you past things that you have been carrying, even if its been years and years.

Give it a try.  You could up your health and happiness!