EFT Reduces Your Stress Hormones – article from EFTUniverse.com


EFT Reduces Your Stress Hormones:  A milestone study has found that EFT significantly reduces levels of your main stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is important because it regulates a cascade of other biochemicals that affect everything from your digestive system to your musculoskeletal system. High cortisol levels are associated with signs of rapid aging, like skin wrinkles and the loss of bone density. The study examined 83 people who received a single session of either talk therapy or EFT, and a third group that just rested. We tested their levels of cortisol before and afterwards, and found that cortisol declined 24% in the EFT group, compared to 14% in the other two groups. People in the EFT group also had much greater reductions in anxiety, depression and other psychological problems. The study will be published in a prestigious journal in October, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. It’s the oldest peer-reviewed psychiatry journal in North America. This study is a great way to talk to your doctor or psychologist about EFT, because it uses the kind of biological standards with which they’re familiar. It’s pioneering because it uses the “hard science” of molecular biology to measure the “soft science” of emotional healing.

Colorado Tragedy – something that can ease the pain

My heart and prayers go out to all the people affected by the terrible shootings in Colorada.

I strongly hope that there are local mental health workers and or Certified EFT Practitioners in the area that are currently qualified to use EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, to help the families and friends of this horrific event.

EFT is an incredible tool, along the lines of energy psychology, that can quickly give lasting help and relief to people that have been in a tragedy.

I am currently working with military veterans that have PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to help them release some of the old traumas, and better cope with current ones.  The results that we are getting via the Veteran’s Stress Project, www.stressproject.org are really impressive.

If we can get these same EFT tools to the hurting people in Colorado, it will be a big blessing, both now and into the foreseeable future for all involved.

Anxiety and EFT – great article from Alina Frank’s blog


This last month has been the month of clearing anxiety. I have had more requests for
working with this issue than I can ever recall. I believe the reasons are varied but
include the complexity of our high levels of stress-producing global issues such as the
economy and the fact that more and more research proves EFT’s efficacy in healing
anxiety. There are five types of anxiety disorders ranging from Generalized Anxiety
Disorder to PTSD. The first step to take if you find you have one of these conditions is to
contact your doctor or therapist.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) most often has an unknown cause, but I find that
extremely stressful life events that trigger it. Most people with GAD say they remember
being anxious children. It occurs more often in women than in men. Symptoms include
constant uncontrollable worry out of proportion to the situation. Fatigue, muscle
tension, feeling on “edge”, sleep troubles, irritability, shortness of breath, stomach
problems, heart racing, and sweating are among the most common complaints.
Link to colorized brain scans of EFT versus traditional talk therapy                 
Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Panic Disorder is experienced as intense fear that happens without warning of any kind.
For my clients that have had these attacks they explain that the most frightening aspect
of this condition is that unpredictable sudden feeling can happen anytime anywhere. I  
usually spend  a lot of session time removing this fear of “it can happen again when I
least expect it”. This is what I’ve called the “fear of the fear”.
Many people describe panic attacks as feeling that they are having a heart attack. The
most common complaints are dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, or upset stomach.
The overall sense is that something awful is going to happen. Link to research listing
panic disorder as one of the disorders that can be healed by EFT
Panic Disorder

Social Anxiety is a worry, concern, and/or discomfort about being in social settings. What
is most interesting about this disorder is that it is part of a normal childhood
development phase that most children grow out of. People experience this fear to vastly
differing degrees. It can be something very simple to overcome on one’s own or can
become a debilitating condition that can greatly limit one’s ability to live an expansive
joyful life. I find that many of my clients that have chronic illness or disease suffer from
social anxiety and that it can become a subconscious reason for not getting better. Link
to EFT research and social anxiety
Social Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) often shows up as obsessive and recurring thoughts
and/or actions. These cycles can interfere with your quality of life. Washing hands over
and over again, checking whether you’ve locked the door at night 10 times, or
checking your stove to make sure you’ve turned it off again and again are good examples
Daily rituals are a mainstay for many with OCD and do ease the tension albeit
temporarily. Sometimes it’s caused by a traumatic event such as abuse but I find that it
can be caused by a general feeling of loss of control. One form of OCD I have worked
extensively with is compulsive hoarding.
Article on compulsive hoarding

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) happens after a particular event or series of
events. This event or events caused you to feel extreme danger, such as sexual assaults,
accidents, and natural disasters. That event that caused the PTSD may be re-lived over
and over again as a vivid memory. One significant symptom is withdrawing from other
people including people you are close to who can actually help you . Sleep problems,
being startled easily, emotional detachment, or feeling numb are also common struggles.
Link to research on PTSD on combat war veterans and those results presented to
Post-traumatic stress disorder

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Watch Your Words – reprint of Cheryl Richardson’s great newsletter


Words have power.  Especially the words we use, automatically, every day.  

When’s the last time you heard yourself say something like:

I can’t remember anything these days.

This job is killing me.

I’m dying to see that new movie.

I’m a procrastinator.

I’m too old to do that anymore.

I can’t wait for the weekend.

My body’s not what it used to be.

I’m just not very disciplined.

I hate exercise.


Changing your language can change your life.  Just notice the shift in energy you feel when you reframe the above sentences to these:


I remember everything I need to know when I need to know it.

This job is no longer right for me and I’m ready for a change.

I’m looking forward to seeing that new movie.

I’m having so much fun building “follow-through” muscles.

I can do anything I decide to do.

I’m excited to enjoy the weekend.

My body gets stronger with every breath I take.

I easily commit to doing the things I love to do.

I love moving my body in delicious new ways.


What if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the words you use were like magnets, creating a field of energy that reaches out into the universe, charged with bringing back experiences that match the words you speak?


When you start living your life from an energetic perspective, life, as you know it, changes forever.  In a good way Website banner with Coach on Call.   by Cheryl Richardson, Coach on Call


If you need more in-depth help with changing the underlying core beliefs that got you to where you are now in what you say automatically, I can help you collapse the road blocks to your success.  Book a session and see yourself shift! – Carol

Energy Psychology as a Treatment for PTSD

(reposting of blog from July 12, 2012 by ACEPBLOGADMIN)  acepblog.org  Energy Psychology & Related Healing Modalities:


Wednesday, June 27 marked the third annual Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day in the United States. While it is great that this day exists, it is important that we keep our military veterans in mind more than once per year. These men and women fight for our country, and many of them give their lives, while those who come back suffer greatly from the experiences they had while at war.

PTSD for some veterans is so debilitating that the 4th of July causes dread. Fireworks trigger their PTSD and many choose to stay away from public displays. For others, the random fireworks being set off by neighbors are even worse. As Dr.  Hart pointed out:

“What they’ll feel when they hear or see fireworks is mostly fear, a sense of threat as they did during combat when the IED went off or when the Humvee blew up”

Veterans should not have to fear celebrating our nation’s birthday. They should get the best possible mental health treatment, which we feel includes giving them the option to utilize energy psychology. Former soldiers, like Dan Hoaglin, tried various therapeutic methods before finally coming across EFT. If energy psychology was promoted by the Veterans Administration (VA), it wouldn’t take so long for veterans like Hoaglin to get the help they need.

We at ACEP are not alone in our strong feelings that EP should be readily available to the men and women returning from war. New York Senator Chuck Schumer is the latest high-profile person/organization to push for EFT to be approved by the VA as a treatment for PTSD. Schumer stated:

“The VA cannot have this ‘see no evil hear no evil’ attitude. If they think the treatment works they ought to give it to people.”

We also want to remember that PTSD affects many other groups of people including: rape victims, victims of childhood sexual, physical abuse, and torture victims to name a few.  This happens in countries around the world. Energy Psychology approaches are extremely important tools in the healing of PTSD. For more resources go click on this hyperlink.

Help for Fear of Flying via EFT or Tapping

Some tips listed by Nick Ortner on dealing with the fear of flying by using EFT or tapping:

Tap Through It Before You Fly.
Whether it’s a traumatic flying memory like Meggan’s or a more general discomfort about flying, try to recreate the entire experience in your mind in a very detailed way. Imagine yourself on your way to the airport, arriving at the airport, checking your bags, going through security, boarding the plane, sitting in your seat, taking off, being in flight, maybe even going through turbulence, landing, and so on. Try to make the experience as real as possible in your mind, and then do your tapping on the emotions that you experience — anxiety, feeling out of control, feeling closed in, and so on. (If you’re new to tapping, watch this free four-minute video to learn how.)

If Necessary, Tap During Your Flight.
If you’ve fully released your anxiety and trauma prior to flying, you may not need to do any tapping in flight, but if you find yourself experiencing any discomfort while flying, be sure to begin tapping right away. Tapping both relieves your stress response, and prevents you from storing any additional stress or trauma in your body.

Follow The Tapping Trail.
Because deep anxieties, fears and trauma often affect multiple parts of people’s lives, ask yourself what’s at the root of your fear of flying — a feeling of being unsafe? Not being in control? Not trusting the people who fly and maintain the plane? Once you get your answer, take some time to consider how these issues are affecting other parts of your life, whether it’s your sleep, your relationships, or other. Then use tapping to work through those issues as well. Before long, much like Meggan, you’ll clear more negative energy than you ever even realized you were storing.


Until you collapse the core fear issues, they will always be there to come back in the  “fight/flight/freeze” response in the body (which is what can happen when traumatic stress occurs), many people are physically, mentally and emotionally unable to overcome their trauma.

If you would like help on a one-on-one basis for overcoming this issues, just connect with me via this website and we can arrange a session. – Carol    carol@tappingnavigator.com


New Mental Health – Depression Awareness DVD via Tom Mackie link

Thank you Tom Mackie for sharing this information:

You may be interested in a 30-minute mental health / depression awareness / substance abuse educational film that has won 25 awards and featured on the Voice America Health Channel, MetroBeat Television, NPR, and a feature honoring cognitive psychologist Dr. Aaron Beck. The film was directed by my son Bryce, a student who discusses his true-life experiences with depression, anxiety, self-injury, substance abuse, self-medication and his treatment. If interested in ordering the DVD and discussion guide or if you’d like more information please let me know. Bryce received the National Welcome Back Award for De-Stigmatization (for reducing the stigma of depression) and his film received the SAMSHA Honorable Mention Voice Award (for raising awareness of mental health issues).
Excerpt From Discussion Guide – Note From DirectorLast year I learned a valuable lesson. That what you don’t know can hurt you. My experience with major depression taught me that lesson. I thought I had the perfect life. I had everything going for me – great grades in school, a great girlfriend, great parents, success in athletics, popular in school, etc. Then one morning I found myself crying uncontrollably at my kitchen table.
Feedback”It is strongly recommend this film be viewed by parents, teenagers, educators and school counselors.” – EMRO (Educational Media Reviews Online) “You have in your hands the ability to save many, many lives. It is crucial to spread this message.” – Kathryn W (International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression) “I recommend adolescents and their parents see this unique and touching film.” – Dr. Megan R, MD (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist) “The film “Eternal High” powerfully depicts how depression is experienced and how it is hidden in those around us. The film has helped my clients and family members identify depression and seek therapeutic intervention.” – Mary P (LMSW, ACSW)

Moving your business past the mental road blocks!

Sometimes, solopreneurs/entrepreneurs don’t know the right business steps to take. They ask themselves questions, such as:  

 “Should I offer new products or change existing ones?

“Should I hire additional staff?  

“Should I raise my rates?  

“Should I look for new, bigger, better opportunities? 

But, and this is a BIG BUT, their subconscious mind kicks in (and the subconscious mind is vastly stronger than their logical, conscious mind) has too many fears and doubts and that’s what keeps them stuck.  They feel so much safer in their current comfort zone, even though it’s not perfect for them.  There are a lot of different reasons for this, and I’m going to focus on one of them for this posting.  



A current client, Karen,  recently had a mindset problem that was stalling the growth of  her business.  Here’s what she thought:

“…I start making money and then I loose my focus….”

If Karen logically wants to make money, but is holding on to this belief that something will take her off course when she does, that is what will happen.  Our thoughts attract our experiences.  That’s why it’s so important to get your thoughts aligned with what you want.

This is a simple saying, but weights heavy with wisdom:  “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones!”.  

When you’re got that internal “tug-of-war” going on, nothing will happen.  That’s one of the reasons you get off course with road blocks and diversions!

As we worked together to release her old way of thinking,  Karen came to understand that was an old internal program, it didn’t have to be her present reality.  She could now make money and stay focused on good things happen.  That became her new experience.  Karen continued to make money and new opportunities and clients came to her.  She recently raised her rates and is making more every month.  She is now excited about making more money and the new possibilities that happen along with that.  


If you’re feeling stuck with your own business growth, here are 3 Success Tips to help you get “unstuck”:

  1. Ask yourself these questions : What is the downside of being more successful?  What am I afraid could happen?   Make a list of each of these things.

        2.  Objectively, look at each item and see if it has merit.  Do you really believe it?  If it doesn’t, cross it off the list.

        3. Look at the remaining items, and work towards clearing out those negative beliefs and replacing them with positive beliefs.  I highly recommend using Tapping as it is the fastest way I know to make these mindset changes.  I’m highly certified in this technique.  It’s what I used for Susan and what I use with everyone who works with me to help them get very fast results.  

If you would like to learn more about getting “unstuck”, please call or email for a complimentary 15 min. discussion of where you are at and what you would like to achieve with your business.