I Don’t Know What to Say When Tapping!

What should I say when I'm tapping?

OK, you are rather new to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or tapping as it is sometimes referred to, and you feel like you just don’t know what to say.

What are the “right” words to use when doing tapping, the set-up phrase, the reminder words for the rounds?

Answer:  Just about anything that you want to say.

The idea is to be focused in on the issue you want to work on.  Focused in on the feelings about the issue.  Keep the focus on the issue and tap.  You don’t actually have to say something for the EFT to be working for you.  Your subconscious mind knows exactly what the issue is!

One man I worked with for smoking cessation would get frustrated trying to pick the right words when he tapped alone.  He came up with “no cigarette cravings.”  Well, that seemed to be the trick for him and he collapsed the issue of the immediate craving right away.

Be gentle with yourself.  Say what you are feeling.

If you need more targeted assistance, connect with me and we can work through it together.

EFT,Muscle Testing, & Psychological Reversal


Psychological Reversal

When using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or tapping as some call it, sometimes people just get “stuck” and have a hard time getting improvement on the issues they want to work on.

This is where muscle testing can be of great value.  Its a quick and easy way to jog the subconscious and help reveal where a psychological reversal’s cause may come from.  There are many sources on the topic of muscle testing in general.  It can be done with someone else, or by yourself–for yourself.

What is a psychological reversal, sometimes called a polarity reversal?  Its when you have a “road block” to clearing an issues, and just can’t seem to get past it.  Discovering what the reversal is and its cause is so very important to resolving the problem. 

An example to picture would be like putting the batteries into a radio in the wrong direction.  The radio won’t work correctly until the batteries are all going the right direction.  Those batteries have to be well charged!  So do you, meaning be very well hydrated.  Lots of water in your pipes will help all the energy flow correctly.

A few general causes can be chronic negative thoughts, being around too many electrical devices all day, some prescription medications, and chronic depression.

Another block can be what is called a Secondary Benefit.  That when you have more to gain by keeping the “problem” than letting it go and being well.  Example would be wanting to be healthy enough to walk well, but not wanting to give up a coveted “disabled” parking pass.

One needs to be very specific when you are using EFT.  Focus in on one issue at a time, rather than tackling a global issue.  Sometimes it can take some real digging to find the core issue that needs to be collapsed.  Its like peeling an onion, one layer at a time to get to the heart of the issue.

Be sure to stay on one issue at a time.  Get that one resolved before moving on to a related issue, or another “aspect” as it is called. 

Lastly, sometime there will be the complication of just not wanting to really get over or rid of a particular troubling issue.  Its rare, but can come up when EFT doesn’t seem to be effective.

Detective work is needed to clear psychological reversal, its well worth it.

Surrogate Tapping for Others

Tapping points generally used
Did you know that you can do surrogate tapping for other people?  Even animals?
Surrogate EFT tapping refers to doing tapping for another, through a surrogate (or proxy). 
We can tap on specific issues for other people, especially children, on their behalf.  If the situation is appropriate, we can do the tapping very gently on them (with their permission of course), or be at a distance and tap AS IF we were them. 
The tapper connects their energy and thoughts to the recipient’s issues.  Then keeping their focus on a particular issue, (high fever, fear, etc.) they change their own system by tapping on the points and this also changes the recipient’s through the connection.
1. Take a deep breath and focus on the recipient’s issue and what it is that may need to be changed (calming, peace, relief….)
2. Speak a clear statement of the issues, doing the setup phase (as if you are that person).
3. Do the EFT tapping sequence, using “I/we” in the statements.
This type of tapping is done taking on the other person’s immediate issue, and doing the basic EFT rounds to address that issue.
Child with a high fever
Baby with colic & physical distress
Child being very fearful of a dentist visit
Total strangers on the street having an arguement, being in emotional stress
Bedridden patient not able to tap for themselves, and not wanting the pain of physical touch.
The list is almost endless.


For an individual:

“Even though Rebecca is afraid of heights, I deeply and completely accept Rebecca.”

For a group:

“Even though the people of Willow Valley are fearful that the fioods will return to Willow Valley and they will be flooded out I deeply and completely accept them.”

Mother for her child:

“Even though my child (name) is terrified of dentists I deeply and completely love and accept my child (name).”

Child with fever

Child with pain and fever

I should mention that tapping on animals is another whole issue to be addressed in more detail with another post.  Horses, dogs, etc. can be tapped on directly.
If you would like assistance with this surrogate type of EFT tapping, please contact me for a session.



Doing EFT or Tapping in Public

OK, so you know how to do EFT and the many benefits of tapping for personal issues.

What about when something comes up in public that you would like to tap on.  Say you are in a meeting with the boss, and you feel your stress level going up fast.  What if you are at a party and start feeling anxious or nervous about interacting with others.  How about that dating situation with a special someone that you want to give a favorable impression to?

There is a very simple and subtle solution!  You can tap just using your fingers and thumb.  Each finger, right at the beginning of the fingernail bed, is a good connection energy point to do tapping. 

To get the idea of it…hold your hand out like you were going to shake hands with someone.  Then, fold in your fingers towards the palm of your hand.  Then, you can use your thumb to “tap” on the edge of the finger where the nailbed corner is.  Just tap the first finger several times with the thumb, then move to the middle finger doing the same, to the ring finger, then finish with the little finger.

This can be done under the desk/table in front of you, behind your back, or when you have your arms folded across your chest, it can be done under the arm, close to your body.  Nobody will know what you are doing or be able to see it.

An easy way to stay calm and cool in possibly tough public/social situations.

Want additional help with public places issues?  Connect with me for a session.

EFT hitting the mainstream news sites!

Its very good to see more and more mainstream venues acknowledging the impact of such a basic technique to help just about every area of our lives!  This Huffington Post blog post speaks volumes.

Thank you Nick Ortner for this great beginning at the Post.

Dr. Dawson Church, Ph.D., is also given much due recognition.
The posting gives a lot of the basics and some details of the chemistry, brain, and emotions involved in our lives and how they operate under the radar. 
This clip is for people that want to know what in the world EFT
actually is.  Its only 4 min. long.  http://snipurl.com/21x1uts

Let me know if I can assist you with any areas you would like to see more improvement in.

Kids Zero to Three Age

Have you ever wondered what very young kids think and how they are influenced?  Try an all day Zero to Three intensive conference focused on military families, Veterans, and their kids!  Dare to Care II.

Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or EFT, is such a great tool to use with kids.  The very youngest may not understand the process, but I have learned and done surrogate tapping for very young kids.  Boy, is it effective.

Basically, you are tapping on and for the child, for whatever their immediate issue is.  Fever, pain, emotional distress, you name it.  Surrogate tapping can be such a valuable tool to apply in these situations.

Have you noticed a grown couple in a store or parking lot, obviously having a heated discussion?  Keep your distance and do surrogate tapping on their behalf.  There can be some amazing and very noticible results!

You are tapping for them, on their behalf, sort of as if you were them.  What would be their highest good at this moment?   Go for that.

Same with very young kids that don’t verbalize yet.  What do they need right now that they can’t access?  Tap for them, gently on them, see the benefits just show up.

I’m looking forward to tapping with military family kids very soon.  Who better to benefit from off-loading distressing emotional baggage?

Happy Tapping!

Tapping Conference Take-Aways

i just came back from the second annual Washington State Tappers Conference at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, hosted by Alina Frank.

I would strongly recommend attendance at the next one in a year.

They had 5 great presenters:

Joanna Cummings – Kick Butts, Take Names  (Tobacco Cessation)

Daimon Sweeney – The Settings Model of EFT: A Path of Unlimited Personal Growth

Sarajane Thomas – EFT and Sovereignty

Nancy Southern – Tapping into a New Picture of Abundance

Craig Weiner – The Inter-Connections of Emotions and Pain; The Use of EFT as an Effective Treatment Approach.

Lots of new and practical information for both the novice and practitioner alike.

All proceeds were going to www.stressproject.com  A no-charge support system for Veterans with PTSD.

Attorney uses EFT for himself and clients!

I was fascinated recently to read a first-hand account of an attorney using EFT, tapping, for himself while at work.  But then to read that he uses it with his clients before they are to testify in court was amazing!

I had no idea how beneficial tapping could be for someone that was going to be on the witness stand and being cross-examined by a District Attorney.

The article said that the client only had a lunch hour to hear about tapping, do it with his attorney, then return to court.

Everything turned out well for all of the above!

Lesson:  Don’t limit your beliefs on what positive effects tapping can have with anyone, on any given subject!  It sure opened my eyes.




i am pleased to let you know that I am listed with the Veterans Stress Project, as a volunteer EFT practitioner.  This project addresses mainly the effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that veterans so often have to deal with.

Check out their link for no-charge services world-wide, either in person, or by phone.


“The Iraq Vets Stress Project is determined to make a difference. It offers returning vets free or low-cost sessions using Energy Psychology, a method which many therapists and coaches are using to help veterans with PTSD to get their lives back.”  By going to the above link you can watch EFT video of a session.  Very compelling.

Veterans and their families can receive help here.