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Whether you are brand new to tapping, a struggling business owner, a network marketer, MLM business owner, or someone who is truly interested in changing some aspect of your life, this is a place to see some possibilities and help focus you on attaining your very best YOU!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of alternative
therapy that manipulates the body’s energy field / meridian points
by tapping on acupuncture points with the fingertips to address
emotional issues that contribute to emotional stress as well as
physical ailments.  From the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, here is a brief 7 min. explanation of EFT and how it works: EFT Explanation – Youtube

EFT is easily learned and has a wide following.  Below is a link for a quick 7 min. intro to EFT: EFT Introduction – Youtube

EFT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is gaining national acceptance and recognition via the Veteran’s Administration and other state and local agencies.

Thanks for visiting my site! Here you’ll find information about my passions: wellness help for all, win-win interaction, family, community and friends. As I meet new people and discover exciting new wellness methods, it is my joy to present them to as many as possible. Work should always to be a joy, evidence of a person’s core nature; yet living one’s values is as artistic a statement as the most incredible works of art. Thank you for sharing the journey with me as you tour this site.

My prime focus with EFT is working with clients that are facing significant emotional or physical challenges and/or chronic physical conditions, i.e. Fibromyalgia, back issues, migraines, etc.

I’m also working with direct selling, network marketing, and MLM small business owners  to collapse the road blocks to new business success.

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To connect with free Veterans’ services also check here, where I am listed:  Veteran Stress Project


Veterans Stress Project – Research Coach

Alternative Therapy Professional Association

EFT Universe – Certified Practitioner

Assoc. for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) –   Member

Student of Gary Craig’s Optimal EFT instruction at

Member:  Online Wellness Association (OWA)

Healer Today – Member